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Music fans share opinion on current phase of dancehall in Jamaica

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at March 4, 2019


Music fans share the current state of Jamaican dancehall with crop of new acts with Anthony B.

Music plays a vital role in our daily lives; we use it during special occasions and to add taste to the mood in movies, radio and television shows. Harkening to music takes the whole brain on a presidential treatment, and has many positive and beneficial effects.

I came across a post on conscious Jamaican reggae act and a member of the Rastafari movement Anthony B asking his fans to feel free to share their honest opinion about the current state of Jamaican dancehall with upcoming acts. “What do you all think about the current state of Jamaican 🇯🇲 Dance Hall today with these young upcoming artist ??? Feel free to share your views”

From all indications, music fans in Jamaica and the large portion of the globe are one way or the other getting disappointed in the new breed of artists expressing strong emotions about songs lacking contents lately. You will be flabbergasted to know the kind of comments the post generated. And how fans. Here are selected few comments Anthony B’s fans shared beneath his post attached with the direct link to the post;

“they are kiling it, it has become too soft

too much effects and lack of meaningful lyrics

Too commercialized. The problem is conscious artists falling into this trend. It’s the new thing and that’s okay. As for me I stick with the old school righteousness 🙏

The profane words and material possession lyrics as well as gangsterism is making it not nice. Is making many youth believe the genre is all about that but it is not!

Most of them only lookin’ 4 money and become famous, looks like is not about the real reasons. That’s sad!

I crave a dancehall with meaningful lyrics. Those tunes that give you goosebumps and make you dream.I can understand ‘adult material’ in the contents, totally fine but nowadays it’s all about money, beating pum pums and endorsing cheating and violence.

It has now turn to dwaghall too much negativity nothing positive comes out from their mouth.

Weak lyrics, very poor stage presence and too many duplicates singing about the same ole boring things.”

His Rastafari background allows him to dig deep and express the mysteries of life, political injustice and impurities through music. This could possibly be his reason for asking such a question because the Jamaican airwaves seem to be filtered with profane and weak lyrics from most new acts lately.

Written by: John Claude Tamakloe.

Source: Beenie Words

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