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MTV Shuga’s New Documentary, ‘Young Moms’ Is A Must-Watch!

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 27, 2020


Since its launch in 2009, MTV Shuga has continued to make real impact in the lives of young Africans in the continent and beyond. The stories told on the show are fictional but they represent the actual realities of the young boys and girls who make up the bulk of its audience. While the stories and characters on the main drama show are invented, those in the new documentary, MTV Shuga In Real Life: ‘Young Moms’, are not. 

 ‘Young Moms’ follows the lives of three teenagers, Priscilla, Sammy and Elizabeth, who are dealing with all the challenges that come with pregnancy. 


In her parents’ quest to give her a better life, Priscilla, who was born and partly raised in a village in Delta State, is taken to Lagos to live with her aunty, a petty trader who is barely making ends meet. It was while helping her aunty sell clothes in the market that she met and fell in love with her boyfriend who got her pregnant the first time they got intimate. Prisicilla came to Lagos to go to school but now her education is under threat and her family are far from happy. How will they move forward together as a new baby’s arrival draws closer ? But help may be at hand….


When Sammy found out she was pregnant, the first thing she did was call her boyfriend  to tell him. Nothing could quite prepare her for his disappearance after that call. After several failed attempts to reach both him and his father, Sammy and her mother – a single mother of five children who have had to raise Sammy and her siblings all by herself – resolve to go through the pregnancy on their own and raise the baby by themselves when it eventually arrives. But as the due date approaches Sammy is told the birth may not be straight forward and she will need all the strength and support her mother can provide. And the big question – will her boyfriend find the courage to turn up?


After Elizabeth’s father discovered she was pregnant, he sent her away to go live with the boy who impregnated her. According to him, if she’s old enough to get pregnant, she’s old enough to get married. The boy, a teenager himself, lives with his family and doesn’t have a means of livelihood. But adjusting to life in her in her boyfriend’s family home is not easy. They have different views on pregnancy and, after the baby arrives, a different view on parenting. What Elizabeth really wants is to return to school to complete her studies but will her new life allow this dream to become a reality.  

Watch the drama unfold as these three young women go through the heartache and joy that comes with navigating pregnancy, relationships and family pressure. While along the way they learn about contraception and how to protect their health and the wellbeing of their new arrivals.

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