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Miguel, Robin Thicke, and Marian Hill: Here’s Why You Cannot Miss This Weekend’s #CokeStudioSessions!

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Admit it. You probably have no plans this weekend — you’re probably going to be on social media all day or watch movies on Netflix mindlessly.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way, and we’ve got something infinitely better for you! What? You ask. The Coke Studio Sessions.

Yep. The Coke Studio Sessions.

Here’s why you do not want to miss it this weekend!

A Session With Miguel

Of all the artists slated to perform this weekend, Miguel is probably the biggest, and let’s just say we could not be more excited to see him perform! If you want your emotions swung in so many directions in one hour, you probably want to watch his session.

The Afro-Mexican star can take you through the motions with the pitch of his voice because he is just that good. One minute, he has you thinking about a one night stand and in the next minute, he makes you want to fall in love. With songs like Adorn, How Many Drinks, Sure Thing, Coffee, Lotus Flower Bomb, among others in his arsenal, Miguel’s session this weekend is set to be the ultimate experience!

Robin Thicke: We Know You Want It

You probably only know Robin Thicke for his ultra-viral summer hit “Blurred Lines’ back in 2013. While the groovy and catchy RnB hit is Thicke’s biggest song ever, you’d be surprised to hear that it’s the furthest thing from the majority of the artist’s vast discography. Think of Blurred Lines as an artist dipping his toes into new territory and succeeding incredibly at it.

Interestingly, there’s more to him than that one-time summer hit, with Thicke’s other songs making for richer and substantial listening. With songs like Lost Without U, Back Together, Dreamworld, and more, you can get to see the many sides of the American artist in his session this weekend. It definitely makes for an interesting watch.

Marian Hill: A Mix of Everything You Love About Music

When you think about Marian Hill, think of the best things from a diverse range of music genres perfectly measured, cut and combined to give you the most novel sensory experience you have had in a while.

A common feature of the duo’s songs includes the RnB lyrics; the strong, punchy hip-hop bass; the amazing beat drops; break-ins that let the instrumentals truly shine, and Samantha Gongol’s sensual, sultry voice. These elements make for an insanely smooth and pleasing listening experience. And if you’ve ever seen any of their acoustic performances, you know you’re in for a treat. Some of their best songs include “Down”, “Listening”, “Whisky”, “Wish you Would”, and “I Got It.”

Still mulling over what to do this weekend? The Coke Studio Sessions should tide you over smoothly.

Be sure to download #BeApp to get a front-row seat to the performances and also donate to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) to fight COVID-19 in Nigeria, and across the world.

The aforementioned performances start this Friday by 2 am with subsequent repeat shows on #BeApp and Coca-Cola’s YouTube and Facebook platforms.

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