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Mesfn Play creates a modern twist to the classic African game – Oware

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Founder of Mesfn Play, Nana Bediako, co-founder Yaw Tony and Swave Studios Inc, brings you a brand new gameplay experience based on the classic African game Oware – a game that has been played around the world in various forms for centuries. Mesfn’s Oware marks the inaugural launch of a brand that is all about innovating indigenous games and toys for a modern lifestyle.

Mesfn Play creates a modern take on the classic African game – Oware
Mesfn Play creates a modern take on the classic African game – Oware

Oware is one of the oldest strategy games that has been in existence for over seven thousand years. The origin has been linked to the Ashanti people of Ghana and The Oware Society claims that it has “always occupied a prominent role in society being regarded as a game of the Kings of Asante and Denkyira.” Among the Mancala family of board games, also known as pit and pebble games, the word Oware evolved from the Akan Tribe word “Aware” meaning marriage.

Mesfn’s Oware travels with you wherever you go and allows you to share a modernized version of the game with family and friends. Designed in Toronto, the new game design is sleek, compact and durable. With the intent of creating strong connections between people from around the world, the game has been modernized with features that offer various options of play. Even children as young as 6 can practice arithmetic with the game to strategically beat their opponent. Despite it being a two-person game, Oware reflects the traditional African social values of engagement – encouraging spectators to participate by advising and commenting on players’ moves, making it perhaps the most social two-player game.

  • Its round curves and fluid design are decorative yet functional, allowing for a lightweight, portable and innovatively sleek design overall.
  • Engineered to maintain the sound and rhythm of the traditional Oware board, new integrtions include a numbered counter to help keep score and a faceted tray to hold winning marbles.
  • Packaged in moulded paper pulp, the container emulates the silhouette of the classic traditional game to honour its historical roots.About Mesfn Play: Mesfn Play is a Canadian brand that innovates and designs indigenous games and toys to suit modern lifestyles. Mesfn originates from the Ethiopian word royalty, which emphases the brand’s goal to bring royalty to our game experience.Call to Action: Mesfn Play invites you to its launch party on April 27th at 3pm loacted at ildsjel collective (4 Carlaw Ave, Unit 7, Toronto, ON M4M 2R5). Featuring a screening of launch videos, special guest performances and a game-filled night, this party will officially launch the Kickstarter Campaign coming soon in summer 2019. Crowdfunding vouchers for family and friends will also be available for purchase for only $50, along with other brand merchandises. As a fellow supporter of Mesfn Play, we hope you can help spread the word as we approach our official launch. Please don’t forget to check out our website, vimeo, instagram, facebook, twitter, and tag us using the following hashtags #mesfnplay and #mesfnoware.

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