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Mercy & Ike: The Sad Part Of Love You Don’t See in Movies

Follow @eventlabgh < The Mercy & Ike show follows the love adventure of Mercy Eke and Ike Onyeama, who began...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at May 19, 2020


The Mercy & Ike show follows the love adventure of Mercy Eke and Ike Onyeama, who began a relationship after meeting and falling in love in the Big Brother Naija house.

Episode four of the Mercy & Ike show proved that sustaining a relationship outside the BBNaija house is a lot harder than it seems.

In this episode, Mercy is still in London, but pictures of her and Willie XO have been flying all over social media. Ike is having doubts because of this, but Mercy keeps telling him that he’s got nothing to worry about. According to her, her meetings with Willie XO were purely on a professional basis.

Mercy also calls Ike out for living a double life. She has been seeing videos of him with other women and feels bad enough to consider deactivating her social media account. She says Ike is driving her crazy and that it’s not fair for Ike to want to be happy and not want the same for her.

There’s obviously trouble in paradise, but Ike still says that he definitely still loves Mercy because she treats him well, makes him happy, and brings out the best in him.

Since Mercy is still out of town, Ike goes to her house to check on her sister, Promise. Promise reassures Ike and tells him not to worry. Mercy will be back in Nigeria soon and he will have her to himself again. She also agrees that Mercy’s photos with Willie are purely business related.

Ike talks to Mercy via video call, and she explained that she was forced to post the photo. We were really hoping she would say more on what (or who) forced her to post the photo, but she didn’t. She also pointed out that if she was really cheating on Ike as everyone seems to think, she could have done what she wanted without posting the photos that are making everyone so suspicious of her. Mercy complained that she had never been in a relationship where her friendship with other men was under such scrutiny.

Back at Ike’s house, Ike is talking with his cousin, Pascal because people are trolling Mercy on the internet and saying that Ike deserves better than her. Pascal tells Ike that there are a lot of rich women who would be interested in him, but Ike respects himself and his relationship with Mercy too much to go down that route.

Ike goes to the gym to work off the stress with his personal trainer. As he works out, he complains about how everyone is commenting on his relationship online and how Mercy seems to bear the brunt of the gossip. He feels less angry after his workout session.

Ike comes over to visit Promise and meets Gozie, Mercy’s older brother. When he complains about the drama he’s been experiencing with Mercy, Promise says that people should not be quick to jump to conclusions. Like Mercy, she logically said that if Mercy really had something to hide, she wouldn’t have shared the photo that has got everyone talking.

Promise also says that Mercy probably shared those posts to keep her fans updated and stay relevant on social media. She advised Ike to stay calm because Mercy would always come back to him.

Finally, Mercy is back!

As she caught up with her family, she wished that she had travelled with Ike and complained about all the endless speculations on the status of her relationship with Ike. According to Mercy, being a relationship does not mean she won’t have any friends or that she has to compromise on her social life. When Promise mentions that Ike’s family was also concerned, Mercy doesn’t think they have a right to dictate what her social life should be like.

We get a glimpse of the next episode, and it looks like there’s still trouble in paradise. Mercy and Ike are having an intense argument. She’s obviously not happy about the fact that Ike’s cousin advised him to leave her. Mercy goes to hang out with her friends, and it looks like they also want her to put Ike aside.

Will third party influences break up their relationship?

Find out this Sunday on Africa Magic Showcase Channel 151 at 6:30 pm and watch out for the repeat on Mondays on Africa Magic Urban, DStv channel 153 at 9:30 pm.

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