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Mercy and Ike: Ten Signs You Are In Love With Your Partner

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Just like a warm hug on a cold rainy day, a compliment when you are feeling down or a heartfelt present; falling in love is one of the few pleasures of this cold world. It can be as blissful as it is overwhelming, especially if it happens in full view of the whole world as it did for Mercy and Ike.

It can be difficult to know if you are truly in love with someone or not, but these ten signs are clear pointers of whether or not you’ve been indeed bitten by a love bug.

1. You are always thinking about them: Everything reminds you of them and thoughts about them are constantly distracting you.

2. You are always happy for no reason: Because you are in such a good place where life feels warm and safe thanks to the new emotions you are experiencing, you’ll always feel like you are on a high.

3. You are open to trying new things: You’ll do anything to make the person happy, including things that may scare or bore you.

4. You are always talking about them: Just like your thoughts are filled with them, your mouth also may not be able to control how often you talk about them with friends, family or acquaintances.

5. You can truly be yourself around them: You are not afraid that they will judge you or think less of you because of your actions. So, you feel free to let your guard down and act as naturally as you normally would.

6. You want them to know everything about you and you want the same privilege: You want to tell them every detail about your life. What you like, dislike, your dreams, etc, and you also want to know everything about them.

7. You are more possessive: You start to get jealous when they are talking with people of the opposite sex and you may get a little paranoid that everyone wants them just as much as you do.

8. You want your family to meet the person and like him/her as much as you do: Because you are head over heels in love with him/her and think he/she is the best thing to happen to you, you want everyone in your life to also know them.

9. You are more empathetic towards your partner: You feel their pain and will most likely do anything to take it away or make sure they never feel it again.

10. You are planning the future: You keep catching yourself making future plans with them in your head on matters that go as deep as marriage and having kids.

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