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Mercy and Ike Season 1 Episode 7: Ike Promises Mercy A Special Gift

Follow @eventlabgh < From last week’s episode, Mercy and Ike had a long conversation about some of their issues and...

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From last week’s episode, Mercy and Ike had a long conversation about some of their issues and they made up. We also watch Mercy go to Ike’s place to cook him a pot of pepper soup and Ike went to audition for a role in Tinsel.

Mercy and Ike

This week, Mercy and her salesgirl, Vina meet up to discuss updates on her clothing business. Thinking up names for the dresses and the price tag that’ll be on them. They worked on uploading the clothes on the Instagram page and putting the appropriate captions on them.

Ike booked a session with his tattoo artist who flew in from Ghana. Tattoo to Ike is art and therapy. He tells us the first tattoo he got was when he was 16 and was due to peer pressure. He also talks about his experience on Big Brother Naija with his tattoo artist, and says he had a wonderful time, felt lucky, and blessed.

Ike schedules a dinner date with Mercy, since they have not had time to go out and be together especially on a date. He gets her a bouquet of roses and hopes this dinner will put them in the right direction.

They talk about their relationship and hope that with this dinner they can begin to mend their differences and build a better relationship. He plans to keep trying to be the bigger person and always compromising. Mercy suggests that they put their phones away for the first time and not be distracted which Ike agrees to.

Ike is super happy to see Mercy, he confesses how he has been dying to take Mercy out but her busy schedule has made things difficult, he has a high expectation that they can get back on track and make their relationship work despite all they have been through. Though Mercy was worried about them being seen in the public, she is glad Ike asked her out to dinner. Mercy is obviously very happy, she feels special that Ike is still making efforts to get her attention, and that he wants to make things work with her.

Mercy shared how she would like to do more things with Ike publicly, which leads to a discussion around marriage, a subject Mercy is very eager to talk about. Ike talks about how he had been advised by people to propose to Mercy on stage when she became the winner of Big Brother Naija Season 4. They joked about it, and Mercy said the ring will serve as a reminder to always forgive him whenever they had issues.

Ike says he is waiting for the right time to propose and tells her she has to wait, to which Mercy affirms that she is hanging in there. Mercy asks Ike what plans he has for them; he responds and says he has a lot of plans for them.

Ike shows her his new tattoo, which has “BBN and blessed” inscribed on his arm. Mercy likes the tattoo. Ike then says that when he hits the “big money”, he will get another tattoo with Mercy inscribed on his neck and this sets her off. She believes he should be thinking of settling down, have a kid and get married instead of getting another tattoo.

Ike said he is willing to give 200% to the relationship and if it doesn’t work out, they know they gave it their best. Ike talks about buying Mercy a gift she has longed for which Mercy thinks maybe a ring. Ike says the relationship is a special one despite the dishonesty, cheating, lying, but they can still get past it and hope it will make their relationship stronger.

Ike was hoping the dinner would have helped them fix their problems, and see how they will get back together, but Mercy is thinking of how they will move to another level, get married. Ike assures her that he is ready to settle down and Mercy said it’s fine if he wants to be with her.

Mercy thanks him for dinner. Her highlights from the night were the flowers Ike gave her, the kiss they shared after dinner, and their conversations on marriage and other subjects.

Ike is seen going to see his friend a photographer friend, Lorsgiddy in Yaba, who notices his new tattoo. He met the photographer when he just moved into Lagos. Lorsgiddy told Ike he teaches photography which Ike is very much interested in. They talk about the setup and instruments Ike would need which is not cheap. Lorsgiddy advises him to start with what he has and build up. Ike hopes to be at the top in photography. He is taken on a tour of the photography instruments, where he gets to try his hands on some of the equipment and glean some key information about photography.

Mercy talks to her sister Promise about the need to see a Therapist, her sister’s opinion is that Ike is the main reason for her mental discomfort, and she suggests that they talk through their differences.

Find out what Mercy decides to do in next week Sunday’s episode on Africa Magic Showcase channel 151 at 6:30 PM and watch out for the repeat on Mondays on Africa Magic Urban, DStv channel 153 at 9:30 PM.

For those on DStv Yanga as well as GOtv Jolli and Max, you can catch episode 7 on Sunday, 14th June at 6 pm on Africa Magic Family DStv channel 153 and GOtv channel 2.

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