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Mercy and Ike Season 1 Episode 6: Fights, Forgiveness and Everything Else That Went Down

Follow @eventlabgh < We see Ike at his house with his cousin, Pascal, talking about Willy XO. Pascal advised Ike...

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We see Ike at his house with his cousin, Pascal, talking about Willy XO. Pascal advised Ike that he needs to speak to Mercy about what’s going on with Willy XO because it’s still trending online for some time now. Ike opened up to Pascal about how he’s done with the situation and he felt he’s going to be asking ‘who’s Mercy’ very soon.

Ike believed he gave the relationship a chance and it didn’t end too well. He doesn’t know how he’s going to let anyone else close to him again because he felt used. Ike mentioned that if Mercy slept with Willy XO he wouldn’t be happy but Pascal replied saying Ike doesn’t know that. Pascal advised Ike to live his best life, channel his energy into building his brand and if he feels he wants to give the relationship another chance then he should go ahead.

Ike arrived at Mercy’s house but decided to remain in his car. He spoke to Mercy over the phone saying he’s not coming in and would like to have a conversation about everything that has been going on since her departure to London. Mercy mentioned to the viewers, she knows Ike loves her and by him wanting to have ‘the talk’ means he wants to amend things and move forward. She also mentioned that this is the Ike she fell in love with.

Mercy finally gets into Ike’s car and they both had a heartfelt conversation. Ike felt he’s the only one that cared about the relationship, but Mercy reassured him that that’s a lie. She felt everything controversial that has happened to her, has always been tied to Ike. She spoke to Ike about how she talked to him previously about getting all the people online in order and when she tweeted about the situation, she expected Ike to back her up by tweeting as well. Mercy opened up to Ike saying his fans called her all sorts of names but he did nothing and if that were her own fans, she would have stood up for him whether they were still together or not because she cares. Ike responded by telling Mercy she’s letting the people control her. Mercy carried on by saying she understands why people go into depression and have suicidal thoughts and if not for her family, she doesn’t know what she would have done. Ike reassured her that he will always have her back.

They both felt the conversation helped them a lot and they might both need to pay a visit to a therapist. Mercy mentioned she needed it the most due to her personal and mental health, not just for the relationship. Mercy went on to tell Ike “I’m happy you came back” and he responded with “you know I always come back”.

Mercy decided to stop by Ike’s house to surprise him by cooking pepper soup. They both seemed to bond a lot better than they did these past few episodes. Ike respected Mercy’s effort to cook for him. He mentioned to the viewers that he usually eats out if his cousins don’t prepare a meal for him and due to this, he started the bad habit of eating out all the time.

Mercy mentioned that going to the market to buy all the ingredients was worth it because they both spoke about life and other personal topics. Mercy talked about getting models for her clothing brand and her real estate business, Lambo Homes and Ike talked about carrying on with his clothing line, but he would also like to go into the acting industry. He also let the viewers know that he and Mercy always talked about business but this time it was different; they spoke about how to collaborate.

We see business-minded Ike jokingly say to Mercy “what if you cook and I sold it? That’s a good plan!”. He’s always thinking about the next move. Ike also mentioned that this was the first time Mercy cooked pepper soup for him, and he appeared to love it! Mercy responded by saying she knew he would say that because he always loves everything she cooks. Ike smiled and replied “whatever I’ve done to upset you, I’m sorry. I need you to cook for me every day”.

Ike was accompanied by his cousin, Pascal to a Tinsel audition. Ike mentioned he usually gets modelling calls but not for acting. He took some time out to practice and watch a few episodes of Tinsel, so he doesn’t ‘fall their hand’ during his audition. Ike was a bit nervous but pulled through at the end. Although he couldn’t read the faces of the judging panel as to what they thought of his performance, Ike felt he did really well.

To conclude this week’s episode, we see Mercy visit Royal Hair Salon for her photoshoot. As their brand ambassador, Mercy is required to do a shoot with them every month. We could tell the day went as planned by the huge smile on Mercy’s face.

Find out why Ike asked Mercy “You want to get married?” in next week’s Sunday episode on Africa Magic Showcase channel 151 at 6:30 pm and watch out for the repeat on Mondays on Africa Magic Urban, DStv channel 153 at 9:30 pm.

For those on DStv Yanga as well as GOtv Jolli and Max, you can catch episode 6 on Sunday, 7th June at 6 pm on Africa Magic Family DStv channel 153 and GOtv channel 2.

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