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Mercy and Ike Season 1 Episode 4: “Am I Married?! Do I Have A Ring On My Finger?!”

Follow @eventlabgh <   This episode came in hot! Mercy and Ike surely know how to bring on the drama....

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This episode came in hot! Mercy and Ike surely know how to bring on the drama.

It kicked off with Ike and Mercy having a long-distance call to discuss how the picture and video of Mercy in London, which went viral on social media are making him uncomfortable. Mercy lets the viewers know she must continue to double her money and if there are guys that want to take a picture with her, she will. Ike revealed his love for Mercy because of how well she treats him and brings out his good side, plus how he does not see anyone as a threat to their relationship.

Ike paid Mercy’s sister, Promise a visit to chat about Mercy. He jokingly talked about Mercy driving him crazy and how he doesn’t understand what Mercy meant about deserving to be happy. Promise assured Ike that there is nothing to worry about and he should know Mercy is his. Ike went on to talk about social media blowing things out of proportion and how Promise has to join him to ‘turn up’ that evening.

We see Mercy break down during a video call with Ike. She expressed her feelings towards what is being said of her, such as her not being in London. Mercy also felt she’s going crazy and if she had something to hide the picture wouldn’t have made its way to social media. She went on to talk about how she’s never been in a relationship where the public watches her every move as well as not being able to have male friends, which can be frustrating. Ike assured Mercy everything will work out; they are only getting bigger and he will continue to support her. Ike wants this relationship to work and doesn’t want to allow social media to come in between them. He believes in life we all make our own choices and must face the consequences.

We see Ike turn up at the club! He needed to have a good time after all Mercy did have her fun too. Ike dropped advice for the viewers saying, the best place to be is where the vibe is right and of course….the drinks too.

We find ourselves at Ike’s house, listening in on a conversation between Ike and his cousin, Pascal via a video call. They spoke about the stories surrounding Mercy’s visit to London. Pascal revealed to Ike what people have said, such as Ike deserving more than Mercy. He assured Ike he can find him another girl. Ike made it clear that this situation might cause him to avoid being seen with Mercy in public even after things are fixed between them. Ike and Pascal went on to discuss women who are looking to get in touch with Ike for personal reasons and business-wise, including women who wouldn’t mind funding his lifestyle. Ike let the viewers know his family is focused on ‘business gains’, he also loves the money, but he respects himself and his relationship even though they are going through a rough patch.

Ike decided to head out to the gym to train with his personal trainer, Magic, to take things off his mind. Ike let the viewers know the pressure gets to him even though he doesn’t show it and that the same people that root for you are usually the ones to curse you the next day. Ike went on to discuss with Magic about everyone online having an opinion on this situation, including Mercy’s thirst for drama. He stated that “She’s in London with another dude, does she not know who I am?”. After he had a go at the punching bag, Ike seemed to have calmed down and felt a lot better. His next move was to talk to Mercy to find common ground.

Ike visited Mercy’s house to seek advice from her sister, Promise and elder brother, Chigozie. Ike confided in them about the ongoing drama and how a few people have reached out to him to find out if he’s ok. Ike showed Mercy’s siblings the video and image that has been circulating online. Promise went on to say she believes Mercy travelled to London for business and nothing more and she’s not in support of the sister’s behaviour, but if Mercy had something to hide she wouldn’t have displayed it for everyone to see. Ike felt it was all done for attention and next time they are both travelling together. Promise reassured Ike that Mercy will always come back home to him. Ike was happy to get reassurance from her family in the midst of the chaos going on, on social media.

Towards the end of this episode, Mercy returned to Lagos. Before her siblings revealed the conversation, they had during Ike’s visit, Mercy expressed how she wished Ike accompanied her to London and how she enjoyed her trip by visiting friends and being taken good care of by Willy XO. After Mercy’s siblings filled her in, Mercy grew furious about the situation being blown out of proportion and how things happen in the entertainment industry. Promise believes her sister did nothing wrong and went on to say she’s never seen Ike step up to his responsibilities as Mercy does. Mercy still fuming about the topic, says in a quote “Am I married?! Do I have a ring on my finger?!”, she reminded everyone that she’s the queen of highlights and she’s allowed to have friends. Mercy went on to discuss how that night of the social media chaos, she felt horrible and she’s glad to have such understanding siblings.

The next episode is a must-see! Catch it next Sunday on Africa Magic Showcase channel 151 at 6:30 pm to watch how this dilemma between Mercy and Ike ends and watch out for the repeat on Mondays on Africa Magic Urban, DStv channel 153 at 9:30 pm.

For those on DStv Family and Access as well as GOtv Jolli and Max, you can catch episode 4 on Sunday, 24th May at 6 pm on Africa Magic Family DStv channel 153 and GOtv channel 2.

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