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Meet GH Hottie for March, Naya Danquah …embrace your freedom!!!

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at March 21, 2017


Meet 24-year- old Naya Danquah, our GH Hottie for March. She is a graduate of IPMC and grew up in Accra. Naya is currently unemployed and believes 2017 is a year to have or taste a new opportunities in life. 

Her resolution for the year was to attain higher heights and excel in all endeavours. And for Naya, the month of March reminds her of the period Ghana achieved its independence, and she hopes to achieve her life ambitions and goals.



Height: 5.5ft

Weight: 50kg

Waist: 29

Relationship Status


My Ambitions

My ambition is to be a renowned businesswoman. 


What makes me sexy?


Good looks, attractive and desirable. I think I’m cute, attractive & exciting


How to stay sexy

Be kind

You need to smell good

Put up a smile

Don’t assume showing more is sexier

Just look good

My ideal sexy Man

He should be attractive and smell good

A day in my life

I sometimes do deliveries for my aunty

Must-have trends


Casual or formal?


Leather or metallic watch?


Shoes or flip-flops?


Natural hair or extensions?


Tattoo or piercing?


African print or Western clothing?

Western clothing

Favourite colour


Favourite Make-up, colour and texture?

Black secret

Favourite perfume


Favourite food



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