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Meet Final Solution, the multi-talented artist sweeping Southern Africa with Ghanaian music

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Opoku Kwabena Joseph popularly known as FINAL SOLUTION born and bred in Asankrangwa in Western part of Ghana, by Mr Akwasi Opoku and Mrs Agnes Awudi. Right back in school did this young musician discovered his music talent. Ever since, he has been busy developing himself in every possible way. After Secondary school, he then entered into the music industry, where he first released his single “shake your body”.

Shortly after, he relocated to South Africa in June 2014. On his arrival, he sought to promote the Ghanaian music in SA with his single “Shake your body”, looking at how the Nigerian music and South African music have dominated the nation. Though the song was warmly received by the people, yet it failed to be a hit as thought by the young musician. This was due to how challenging it is to promote a foreign song in South Africa. Yet, this never discouraged Opoku Kwabena Joseph a.k.a Final solution.Final solution00003

He never gave up. He believed in the hustle and continued to fight the good fight. With such determination he began to work even the harder, always looking at the positive side of life. Hoping one day his aim to advance Ghanaian music here in South Africa will be achieved. He then began to work with the country’s finest and popular DJ’s in the clubs, working on his next single “Search for love”. This single paved way for him because now, he has been known by SA’s popular DJ’s and Nigerian DJ’s in the country. Currently, he is working with some musical celebrities in the country like Blackmotion, Uhuru, Heavy K and others.Final solution00004

All over the Clubs in Pretoria began to play his single “Search for love”. This made him to realise how great the future would look like if he never gives up even in the hard times and extreme challenges. To our Surprise this year 2016, he then released his new and current single “Ur Style” and it has overwhelmed the entire city clubs and all peoples in the nation including even other foreign nationals. I quote from Final Solution, “I will never give up till Ghanaian music is played in the entire nation SA and accepted by the natives”. This New Hit song has taken over the nation played everywhere you go and well received by all. He owes it all to God, his Creator and Jesus his Saviour.Final solution00005

In conclusion, Final Solution has been through thorns and thistles, Disappointments and rejection, yet he survived through all of these and now he is on top, promoting Ghanaian music in SA. He has organised many shows and concerts, performed at many clubs such as Blue Room, Hatfield, Morocco and others. He is moreover related and work with South African’s popular DJ’s in the country. Let us all support him as he takes the Ghanaian music far in SA and the world. His prowess as a musician and his multitalented skills makes him stand out unique and different.

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