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Meet Akonobea Tina, the new Ghanaian gospel music sensation

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at January 29, 2018


Worship they say is an inward feeling that triggers an outer action and reflects the glory and worth of God in one’s life, it is palpable this glory is evident in the life of Columbus-Ohio based Ghanaian gospel musician, Akonobea Tina known in real life as Mrs. Augustina Kwakye Ofori. She recounted to how graceful and merciful God has been to her all throughout her life and with her music career. The Ghanaian gospel sensation who is chattering a new path in the gospel music industry and set to soon release her two year worked on maiden album titled, “Me ny3 wu d3n Nie” to which the story behind will shock you.

The Ghanaian born and raised gospel musician hails from the Eastern Region of Ghana, but relocated to Columbus-Ohio. At a point she was left with no option than to explore technology to her full advantage in the quest to satisfy her innermost burning desire and passion – spreading the Gospel through music – as she was uptight with work and family. Considering the distance between Ghana and Columbus, she had to improvise since she was recording the album here in Ghana and stayed in Columbus, it was worked on by John Mensah Sarpong.

Guess what, WhatsApp came in handy and served as the platform on which she and her producer recorded the full album titled, “Me ny3 wu d3n Nie” (meaning, What  Can I do For You – God).

The nominee of the second biggest independent gospel awards in the US –Rhythm of Gospel Music Awards in 5 categories also got nominated for the Sauti Awards, in the best traditional song category.

Before traveling, Akonobea Tina was with top radio and doubled up as a TV announcer with the Ghana Broadcasting Cooperation (GBC). Akonobea is here to stay and promises to thrill the lovers of gospel music, knowing very well the music of the gospel leads us home. With global soul winning, mind and heart transformation been her topmost priorities, you need not to just listen to her songs ordinarily but with a heart opened up to receive.


Follow Akonobea on the following social media handles; Akonobea Tina (Instagram and Facebook)

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