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Meet 1CeDi: The Revolution Of Ghana Rap Music

Follow @eventlabgh < Derrick Ofosu Boateng also known in the showbiz industry as 1CeDi is a Ghanaian songwriter, singer, Rapper...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at September 28, 2020


Derrick Ofosu Boateng also known in the showbiz industry as 1CeDi is a Ghanaian songwriter, singer, Rapper and an aspiring Radio and Television Presenter. He is born to Mr. Samuel Kena Boateng and Mrs. Francisca Boateng on the 11th of July in Akyemfo Tafo.


1 CeDi had his basic education at Feden Preparatory school in the Akyem Tafo located in the Eastern Region, Ghana. After a successful graduation from the Senior High School, Derrick further his education to All Stars Media College in Dansoman where he studied Video editing, Television & Radio Presenting.


Speaking with MrrrDaisy, 1 CeDi disclosed that, he did really enjoy music a lot when he was a child. Anytime he was sent on an errand, he will always find himself standing behind doors and windows of neighbours just listening to music been played and then trying his best to figure out the artiste. Out of desperation, he started learning and making music in order to be able to connect with these artistes he has been listening to and the people. Over a two to three years course into music, he started collecting and studying songs from numerous number of artistes both local and international.


With the passion gathered and so much learnt, Derrick channelled everything into his first project

The Journey Mixtape which he released in 2010. The mixtape received an unprecedented positive feedbacks which motivated him even more to release 3 more projects over the years with 6 videos to his credit. Although he is more into Hip-hop, he also does Afrobeat. To 1CeDi, doing hip-hop or hiplife isn’t just any type of music but a lifestyle one needs to live up to.


For the past 12 years, 1CeDi has had the privilege to work with creative industry players like Fortune Dane (Producer), King of Accra (Producer), Teephlow(Rapper), Gemini (Rapper) and a few more. He won the Ghana Underground Music Awards Artists of the Year in 2015, won Urban Roll Project 500, and was recently nominated in Eastern Music Awards. His inspiration and motivation comes from Eminem and himself. Derrick enjoys Singing, Watching movies, Rapping & Travelling.


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