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Manager of Patience Nyarko addresses reports of abandoning his family for the gospel singer

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 2, 2018


Manager of sensational gospel singer Patience Nyarko, Mr. Kumi Wilson of Trust Music Production has addressed allegations of marital issues circulating in the media space.

According to a story published by where the embittered wife of Kumi Wilson was seen in a video talking about some of the misfortunes in their marriage and blaming gospel artiste Patience Nyarko for being the cause of their marital issues.

The manager in his bid to respond to the media who are mostly his business friends and colleagues and does not want to ignore their concerns and enquiries has put his side of the story out for those who deem it fit to discuss the issues.

Mr. Kumi Wilson has admitted that, there has been an issue with his marriage even before Patience Nyarko came into the picture as his artiste which is strictly a business relationship and nothing else but there are frantic efforts to solve the impasse between the families which is still on going now.

For the past 6 years that they have been working as artiste and manager, Mr. Kumi has been responsible taking care of his children, responding to their needs at all times. There is no way, he has left the children to be in need as it`s being circulated and speculated in the media space to paint him and Patience Nyarko black.

“I must admit there is a marital issue at stake but Patience Nyarko is never the cause of it but I saw the need to keep an eye of the investment I have made in her not to lose two things at the same time with the hope that, the marital issues will be resolved if there will be understanding between us ( me and my wife) in the near future.

I appreciate concerns by friends, colleagues and media people who would want to understand what is happening, but at this stage, I want to respect the involvement of my wife and my children who are innocent and therefore should not suffer any media ridicule and humiliation.

I can promise all concerned people that the issues here will be resolved in no time and there will be peace at both ends.

Thank you for your continuous support for Patience Nyarko`s brand and Trust Music production for the years that we have been in operation in the music business. God bless us all and in all things, let`s give thanks to God”.

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