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Makeup Do’s and Don’ts in 2024? Here’s What an MUA has to Say.

Follow @eventlabgh < It’s 2024, and as the beauty world continues to evolve, there’s no harm in asking, “What should...

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It’s 2024, and as the beauty world continues to evolve, there’s no harm in asking, “What should you do and avoid to achieve the perfect look when applying your makeup?”

Whether you’re Team Natural or Team Glam-up, knowledge is power! It might just come in handy at your best friend’s wedding when the makeup artist keeps getting the makeup wrong or while shopping for the right makeup items to add to your kit.

Remember, achieving that fabulous look is an art best learned from those who have devoted time to master the craft of makeup and beautification. So, we turned to a young MUA, Mariam Oyindamola Adebara, for the best ways to apply makeup and what to avoid for that flawless look.

Here it goes;

To start, prep your face with toner, moisturizer, and then primer…

After prepping, go straight to your foundation or draw your eyebrows and eyeshadow before foundation—whichever is more convenient for you, but following these steps is highly recommended.

The reason is that using the pencil first to draw your brows makes it easier to guide your hands when applying other eye makeups. Also, drawing your brows before applying your concealer or foundation allows you to easily use this makeup to carve out a shape and smooth any jagged edges.

When it comes to things you shouldn’t do when getting your makeup done, here are a few:

Avoid applying too much powder underneath your eyes; it tends to break and come out cake.

Lastly, always dust off your setting powder lightly to prevent it from coming off completely.

The list of do’s and don’ts may be endless when it comes to makeup, but these suggestions are the best ways to get started and get it right.

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