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Make music has to be a tool for  progress, not division – Tripcy

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at November 18, 2019


Promising Ghanaian artiste Tripcy,born Prince Selorm Gayome is calling on his colleagues in music to rather  use their songs to promote unity and progress  among humanity.

According to the young artiste, we have passed the era of promoting sexuality, drugs and other human endangering content in music. It’s time the industry have a common voice to push forth more humanitarian issues.

In an interview with Tripcy, he said , “No matter your race, color, sexual orientation, we’re all brought together by this one powerful tool and I’d love to use it to foster unity and progress amongst humanity.”

Tripcy who is a graduate of the university of Ghana, with Bsc Chemistry, said he left the field to pursue his long lasting dream (music). He currently has four singles out and he recent is ‘ No one’ which he featured Camidoh

He said, “Music has always been with me. Moving from studio to studio in the streets of Accra just to enjoy the environment and melodies. I always knew i had a knack for rhythm and beats since childhood. My mother said I’d often play a beat with my spoon and plate, and mime to signal i wanted more food since i was an infant.

“I call my self an explorer, as i like to experiment with different sounds but most of my music is Afrocentric. So Afro Pop, HipHop, a bit of dancehall and more. I am inspired by distinct sounds by nature and my city. From the birds chirping to the bus honking.”

Speaking about the Ghanaian music industry he emphasized that, the music scene polarized as compared to other African music markets, “but we’re learning to bridge the gaps. This makes it a little difficult to find a common voice that is truly representative of the talent pool, but i ultimately think the industry has made great strides in the last decade, especially with the invasion of the Afro Beat and Afro Pop genres on the world music scene.”

Tripcy’s songs are Predominantly Pijin English but with a bit of Ghanaian dialects like Gã, Ewe and Akan.

His new song ‘Only one’ is available on all digital music shops.

(Story: Erica Arthur)

Source: Beenie Words

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