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Lizzy Anjorin shares some words of wisdom

Follow @eventlabgh < Lizzy Anjorin has dropped an inspiring piece on the worth and definition of a woman She also...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at October 13, 2017


Lizzy Anjorin has dropped an inspiring piece on the worth and definition of a woman

She also stated that having a ”pus*y, big boobs and big bum” isn’t what really makes up a lady

Lizzy Anjorin said she would treat any man the way he treats her. She said as a real woman, it was important to table mental, spiritual and physical prowess strengths. She said it was not important to fight to rub shoulders with men.

She wrote:

”Treat me like a queen that I’m and I’ll treat you like a king. But if you treat me like a game, I’ll show you how it’s played. I treat every man like a king and every woman like a Queen, trying to shove my face in the mold will only bring out the demon in me, be warned and be guided!!‎

Some women may decided to table themselves as a slave, that’s not my concern though… As a real woman, you have to table what you have Mentally, spiritually and physically because what we need as a woman is beyond Pussy, big bum, and big boobs, all you need is your senses and your pride.

You do not need to fight for front row or rub shoulders with men, when you are eloquent and smart, they will reserve your chair/place in front row. When you are not active people will say please don’t worry about her but when you are eloquent they will say please keep her share because she’s a monster.”

You must be a good reader and smart observant as woman; when you are in a middle of a conversation, don’t be looking down and be nodding your head like a lizard, you need to talk sense and be clever.. Smartness and being clever, makes women get attracted to men easily than physique.

Every man deserves a Queen that can defend him in his absentia and every child deserves a good mother that will protect the family’s name..

Only a good woman can build a nation, though the bad ones will be there trying to pull it down behold, the name of the good woman will be written bold on the tomb and the name of the ones trying to bring it down will be nowhere to be found.”



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