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Lessons to Learn From Judging Matters

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at May 8, 2020



After watching the second episode of Judging Matters, I knew for sure this was not just going to be an entertaining show but also an informative and educative one.

Here is what I could make of the previous episode:

I’m sure most of us, if not all have encountered some very shifty real estate agents, who will boast about what they can offer you when searching for decent accommodation yet go off-script despite giving them a clear brief on your choice of the apartment. I have had similar experiences of exploitation, how you must pay a retainer and yet you will be charged for their logistics. After all that commitment, they continue to take you to locations that would not appeal to you. When you think through this, you’ll begin to wonder if any shred of honesty is left in human beings.

It’s sad how money can either make you or mar you. The last episode said as much, a lady sublets a shop she had paid rent on to her friend for free. After spending money on renovation, it was discovered that the shop was part of a family dispute which has been settled and she must vacate that shop. The said friend, the plaintiff, however, insists that her friend, the accused, deliberately made her spend money to renovate the place knowing there’s contention on the property. Mind you this is a friendship of 15years but that doesn’t count, someone must be blamed, and the friendship is at stake. What about the “supposed landlord” does he go without blame? Is it so easy to let go of friendship of 15yrs because you have a preconceived notion that your friend didn’t tell you the truth?

I’m very impressed with how the cases were judged, and fair is just the word to describe it, which is something seriously lacking in our society today. The first case had brief chat between the Judge and the Counsellor, it was clear the agent was in breach, failed to honour his end of the bargain and was insisting the woman wait till he finds her a place. I am sure he wasn’t listening when she mentioned she had contracted another agent who had found a more decent accommodation to her taste.

The second case was too easy and looked ridiculous to everyone. The plaintiff had not done her due diligence and insisting that her friend who helped her without taking a fee must take the fall was pointless.

I am so looking forward to the next episode, you can tune to Africa Magic Showcase Channel 151 on Mondays at 6:00 PM to catch the unending drama on Judging Matters.

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