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Ladies, Maybe This Baby Mama Business Isn’t So Profitable After All

Follow @eventlabgh < Since nobody seems to be talking about this, I have kinda taken it on myself to say...

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 18, 2019


Since nobody seems to be talking about this, I have kinda taken it on myself to say what’s all on your minds, ’cause I’m psychic!

Anyways, Burna Boy has been handpicked by Uju Stella to be the next celebrity baby daddy… Yay!

But hold up just one second, who the hell is Uju Stella?

Pardon me if I have no empathy for this new celebrity baby mama wannabe, but if you take a tour of her Instagram page, you can get a fair idea of the kind of chick she is. That she even rolls with Burna Boy says it all.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a die hard Burna Boy fan, in fact, I think y’all don’t give him enough credit. I just wouldn’t want to have his babies.

But someone does and only God knows why, and since I seem to know what He thinks about this (forgive the blasphemy), let me tell you how it is.

So when I first saw Uju Stella’s comments on Burna Boy’s Instagram page, I felt he was being stupid for ignoring her, like why be so dramatic? That was until I saw the comment in which she tagged women’s right activists, and other feminist bodies, and I’m like hol’up… “Girl, I don’t know who you think you are, but you’re not a victim, you are a trap queen.” Or are we idiots?

Y’all know she’s no virgin, her Instagram photos are proof enough that she knows what contraceptives are. Which means if she’s pregnant, it’s because she wanted to be and she should be bold enough to deal with the consequences.

But I digress… The point here is, Aunty Uju’s pregnancy was supposed to be her ticket into stardom, but apparently she’s not smart enough. Here’s why:

First she forgot that Nigeria isn’t the abroad (I’m referring to all places not within the African or Asian continent), so there are no courts that will make sure your celeb target pays child support.

You only get what he’s willing to give, and in this case, Burna Boy ain’t got nothing to give or say… Because nobody gets pregnant from having sex just ONE TIME.


Secondly, she didn’t make nice with the mama. Everybody knows Burna is a mama’s boy… She’s his ‘on again, off again’ manager; that says it all.


Any Nigerian girl with brains knows that if you wanna trap a guy, you have to get his mama on your side. But like I said, Uju isn’t very bright or pretty either, so I kinda get why Burna’s mama don’t like her.

Look like no one is buying @ujustella’s #pregnancy story. Do you believe her? From @thenetng – Burna Boy’s mum reacts to pregnancy controversy about her son. All week-long, controversial dancehall act, Burna Boy has been in the news for yet another drama. He was called out on social media by a girl named Uju Stella, who accused him of getting her pregnant. Three days after her accusation, Burna Boy in a cheeky response shared a video on Instagram singing lyrics like ‘fu**ked that girl once and now she’s claiming that she’s pregnant’. Now Burna Boy’s mum, Bose Ogulu, who was fired and recently re-hired as his business manager, has spoken to Punch about the baby mama drama. She said, ‘My son has never said anything concerning the issue, he has never said a word, maybe there was a song at the background of the video that he posted online but he has never said a word concerning the issue. What you know is what we know basically and my take on it is that we would rather just focus on his music which primarily affects his life than that.’ ‘in Africa, it is not a criminal offence for someone to be pregnant for somebody. If somebody says that she is pregnant for somebody and the person refuses to accept it, you look for his family instead of tagging a blogger. We have nothing to say to her. We don’t know anything about any child. She can never come to me, she has already gone to the bloggers; she can never come to me She continued to say, ‘It is not new; these girls come up from time to time with different claims. My position on this is ‘no comment’. Anybody can claim anything that they want to claim. We have absolutely nothing say, Burna Boy is a musician and we want to focus on his music. Nobody has time for her. ‘We saw all the reports online but we just chose to look the other way. In this industry, girls are always coming up with pregnancy claims, we see it every day. We are not bothered and we have no comment. We just recently premiered a new video during the week and it is enjoying massive airplay. We are focusing on the music and nothing else’. #Starng

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Now if Uju should ‘born – a – boy’, we know she won’t be naming him ‘Junior’.


Which brings me to my point, maybe Uju and her ilk should reconsider making this baby-mama thing a career.

It certainly don’t seem like it pays… At least not yet, and certainly not with Burna Boy.

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