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Ladies Here’s How to Get The Best Out Of Your Weekend

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at August 21, 2020


It’s Friday night, you have finally made it to the end of the week with breath to spare. The best way to spend your weekend is already running through your mind.

How are you rewarding yourself for a hard week’s work? Don’t beat yourself up if you weren’t at your best this week.

What then is the plan for the weekend ladies? We are wearing our comfiest PJs, propping up in our beds, binge-watching TV, drinking wine (or would you rather ice cream?) and eating pizza. Yes! you deserve it, queen.

You know they say mental activities burn more calories, you are probably calorie deficient from all the work you’ve been putting in, give yourself a break.

You’ve been too busy to renew your DStv subscription? That’s not a problem, a premium babe like you deserves ease. MultiChoice introduced the auto-renewal option for situations like this. It doesn’t matter how long your account has been inactive, you don’t need to join long queues or enter crowded places to renew your subscription. Just download the MyDStv app and sign up to automatically renew your subscription. And you’re set.

Auto-renewal payment allows you to watch whatever you want to, whenever you feel like without having to worry about whether your subscription is active or not. Best part? You can cancel anytime.

Now, all you have to decide is, red or white wine? Pepperoni or Hawaiian pizza? And what are you watching all weekend? Auto-Renewal payment is all about uninterrupted excitement with the best shows you love like BBNaija, M-Net Sunday Night movies, the best of ESPN 2, Comedy Central and more. Don’t keep your entertainment waiting, sign up for auto-renewal and never worry about missing the world’s best entertainment each month.

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