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KUKESI MOVIE: A story of two sides, continuation imminent, anticipate Regional Premieres

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at November 6, 2018


Should such a beautiful stories end in just one part? A very big No! The faces a very massive audience wore after the last scene ended stated clearly that they yearn for the continuation of one of the best produced movie coming out of our local film makers.

Just as we thought our movie industry is declining came a certain Erhaze produced film called Kukesi, a story of two sides which covered mortals and immortals, traditions and cultures, ancient and modern, Village and city but still made lots of meaning really showed how creative the director was in putting together such a wonderful piece of art.

Few weeks ago at the launch, it felt like the expectations were going to be very minimum regarding the fact that Ghana films are not really making any big impact in recent times so patronage of Kukesi would be very low, well sorry but that wasn’t the real case at the premier because a massive crowd of audience trooped in in their numbers to come witness such an epic movie brewed from the Ghanaian culture pots.

The demand for Kukesi is so high that the director Evergreen Erhaze has quickly decided to push through with regional tours in two (2) weeks’ time so as to be able to satisfy the high demand of the movie across the country and beyond. The target is to push Kukesi beyond the limit and get it across the country, continent and the globe, which would mean Kukesi would compete with all the best movies in the world.

For what I have witnessed, I just haven’t had enough of Kukesi because I would want to watch it over and over again, and possible want it to be acted in more parts to sustain the interest and keep the suspense. What would the demimortal do when the bad immortals are against his positive ways? Just watch out for Kukesi 2

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