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Knii Lante’s “52 Ambulances” ft. Blakk Rasta is making politicians feel uneasy – Deluge Entertainment

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at November 21, 2018


Ghana’s most capped best male vocal performer , Knii Lante , who incidentally is a doctor has indeed stirred up the hornets nest as we coast into the normally festive Christmas season.

His song 52 Ambulances which is steadily rising up in the most played charts has sent some shockwaves through political circles with officials ducking for cover . In radio interviews monitored in Accra over the past week , featuring representatives of the National ambulance service and reps of the president’s special initiative , it is further emerging that there are only 24 of those public ambulances in actual working condition to serve the total Ghanaian population of  close to 30 million.

IT MEANS KNII LANTE ACTUALLY GOT IT WRONG ! The picture is even worse than what he sang about.

In his song he cried that there are only 52 ambulances ( compared with 1000s of government V8s) but now we know that there are even less !!!!! For the singer “this is my reality ; I come across this situation in my field of work everyday and when I see our big big men in and around governments and in the parastatals cruising these state purchased luxury vehicles and V8 jeeps in town my blood begins to boil ; these vehicles are bought using money generated from the sweat and blood of farmers , working on fields without boots and being bitten by snakes, factory hands, oil rig workers, teachers, nurses etc… instead of buying ambulances which will save their lives if they get injured in the course of their hustle we buy this unnecessary number of V8s ( SUVs ) .”

Since the release of the song ( which also features Blakk Rasta ) online just 3 weeks ago , it has been blasted  on numerous local radio stations including  recently the VOICE OF AMERICA ( VOA) . KNii Lante has been called up severally by radio stations to explain the song and judging from tweets and phone ins , the masses appear to be in full support. More Fya ….. Knii .

Hopefully this clarion call will reach the president’s desk , ministry of finance , ministry of health and some action will soon be taken. “Inna di streets we dey here dem say ….. “

(Source: Deluge Entertainment)

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