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Follow @eventlabgh Khan Al Saboun is a Lebanese company which has been dealing in natural products for over 600 years,…

By Eventlabgh , in Lifestyle News , at March 31, 2017

Khan Al Saboun is a Lebanese company which has been dealing in natural products for over 600 years, they decided to move to Ghana to help propagate the message on the use of organic products in place of the heavily chemicalized ones and also help build the brand on the Ghanaian market.


At the launch of its variety of natural products under the theme ‘Go Natural, Go Organic’, every item exhibited to the media/bloggers and invited guests were made with unique chemical-free ingredients to protect the skin against diseases and infections, the product is said to have no side effect after use.

In an interaction with the media, Mr. Amir Hassoun said; ‘The brand is 100% organic without any chemicals and they are happy to be in Ghana’. According to him, Ghana is the first African country they are operating in, “we produce more than one thousand tons of bio products mainly skin and hair care. We own more than 1487 points in the world. Khan Al Saboun is a family business and we are known for producing organic products for centuries’, He added.

General Manager of Khan Al Saboun, Dunia Hamoui mentioned Angelina Jollie as one of the many Hollywood superstars that uses their products and the company also supply to John Hopkins Research Institute, Movenpick Hotels and many other renowned companies around the world.

She expressed interest in signing some of Ghanaian celebrities as brand ambassadors to work with and help spread the company’s image across the country since it is a luxurious brand which seek to make a positive impact in the long term.

The various products from the company will be available at all shopping centers across Accra with advance plans to move to other regions as well.

The company is located at Escape Gym & Spar, North Dworwulu. Visit their website for more information including prices of the various products.

See photos from the event here:


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