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Kechi Okwuchi Honours Her Friends Who Died In Sosoliso Plane Crash 13 Years Ago

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 11, 2018


Singer Kechi Okwuchi who was one of the two survivors from the Sosoliso plane crash that happened in Port Harcourt on 10th December 2005 is honoring her 60 friends who died in the crash to mark the 13th anniversary of the unfortunate accident.

To the dearly departed of December 10 2005: Hi it’s me, Kechi. I know your souls are resting in perfect peace with the Lord. I honor you on this day. To the 60 angels, to all my friends that were on that plane… hi☺️ You know the promise I made to you all, so long ago. The promise to live strongly, to live fully, to live WELL, all in honor of your memories. Have you been watching? Have you seen me struggle all these years that have passed, to do right by my promise to you? To excel as best I can in everything I do, to see the best in people before anything else, to surround myself with positivity, to discipline myself to see the bright side of things, to honor my parents, to love the Lord…to LIVE this life that was unwittingly saved that fateful day, as fully and as beautifully as I possibly can? I hope you have, because it’s all for you. So much has happened since that day, most of it unplanned, and, thankfully, so positive. I used to think life was cruel, how it goes on, ignoring individual sorrow. Loved ones pass and time doesn’t pause for even a single second to acknowledge the grief of the ones left behind. I still struggle with that to this day, to be honest. But the one thing I pray for, always, is the strength to keep going, no matter what I face. Because my life is not just mine. Because yes, I live for myself and for my happiness. But I live for you too. And so I hope you’ve been watching, and… I hope I am making you proud. Love, Kechi 🌸🌺

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