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KD Bakes finally breaks silence on Belce break up with Dr. Pounds

Follow @eventlabgh < Sensational musician KD Bakes has opened up on why the music group “BELCE” made up of himself and Camidoh...

By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at March 2, 2019


Sensational musician KD Bakes has opened up on why the music group “BELCE” made up of himself and Camidoh collapsed.

Speaking on the Hitz Gallery show with Dr Pounds on Accra based Hitz 103.9 FM on Thursday 28th February, the vocalist said they had to part ways as a group because his other partner, Camidoh asked him to quit his professional job as a nurse to do music full time.

I am someone who believes in putting my eggs in different baskets. In case one falls, I still have another to hold on to.”

He stated he chose to hold on to both the music and nursing career since both were his passion. KD Bakes continued adding

As at the time he (Camidoh) asked me to get into music full time, I had bills to pay, my kid sister was at school and the family depended on me. Dr Pounds if I quit, how Mama go feed?” He quizzed.

KD Bakes who also doubles as a professional nurse has seen tremendous growth in his music career since going solo with his biggest song so far “Carry Me Away” getting the desired attention in the national capital and beyond.
Commenting on what will become of his passion for nursing if he breaks into mainstream music,he adopted the proverbial….“Let’s get to the bridge and we will know how to cross” adage.

He also said he is in good terms with his former group partner contrary to speculations that they are no longer in talking terms saying

I even checked on him just a few days ago. But it is normal that we are not as close as we used to be when we were a group“ he concluded

Source: Beenie Words

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