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Juliet Ibrahim Reacts To The Increase In Domestic Violence

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at May 13, 2017


Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, who has been vocal about domestic violence for some time and was once involved in a campaign to end it, has become the latest voice to wade into the latest rise in domestic violence..

Addressing the recent spate of abuse, she wrote on Instagram:

If you are a woman and this morning you were in front of the mirror busy hiding your blue eye with make-up foundation Its time 2 breakup! This should be an eye opening incident to all the females out there. A sad case of When the person who is supposed to protect you becomes your killer. We live in a messed up world, very sad. Abuse should not be taken lightly. #notowomanabuse Sad part;

Men won’t even reprimand their friends for cheating, do you think they’ll reprimand each other for physical abuse? THIS IS A CALL TO THE FEW GOOD MEN OUT THERE; LEND YOUR VOICE AND SPEAK UP AGAINST VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN! How can you burn someone to death??? We need to introduce #deathpenalty in these cases HONESTLY! #speakup SOCIETY NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING AGAINST VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN! Everyone/Society is busy teaching the GIRL-CHILD HOW TO BEHAVE AND ACT RIGHT BUT WHO IS TRAINING THE BOY-CHILD ON HOW TO BEHAVE AND ACT RIGHT?

PLEASE STOP KILLING US PLEASE STOP ABUSING US PLEASE STOP RAPING US PLEASE STOP KIDNAPPING US WOMEN HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPEAK UP AND WE ARE ENTITLED TO OUR OPINION AND HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS IN SOCIETY AS WELL… If you’re given to quick anger, or you have temper issues, do yourself and the world a favour by staying away from relationships.

#RIPKarabo Only the wise ones will read and understand the message behind what I have written, for all of you wicked MEN, coming on here to defend the violence been done to women around the world ; the God we serve is watching and KARMA IS A BITCH…



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