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There are always rules of engagement. Rules that guide conversations, how we live with other people, how we conduct business with others, and so on.

The last episode on Judging Matters puts a spotlight on a business conducted between two people for about three years, a caretaker with a tenant, and a story of extortion.

Here are the lessons learnt:

Be Honest: Both cases had witnessed a breakdown in relations due to a certain degree in dishonesty. Between Tochukwu and Ikenna, they had an agreement on how repayment was going to be made. So, while Tochukwu happily waited for his funds, perhaps already making plans on what he was going to do with the money. Ikenna had other plans, to make money from the money he owed. Why not pay what you owe as agreed and move on? How is Tochukwu supposed to trust Ikenna?

In the next case, Henry the caretaker decided that one tenant was to pay more money for the electricity supply consumed in the guise that she is a new tenant. Henry should have stated the truth and then explained to the tenant Mary, why he would need to collect more money than expected from her?

Use Authority Wisely: Henry the caretaker took matters into his own hands. He became lord and master of the compound and made decisions as he liked. He took the trust of Mary for granted and decided what each tenant should pay without thinking he will not be found out or maybe he just didn’t care. If he was found out or not. Clearly a case of abuse of trust and authority came to play here.

A promise made is a promise kept: Why make promises or an agreement when you have an issue keeping those promises. Ikenna had promised Tochukwu to pay him the balance of what he owes, and this was after it took him one year to make the first payment which was contrary to the initial agreement. But after the holiday he made a turn from that promise and went on to make other plans.

Treat Everyone Equally: Finally, the last lesson learnt is on how to treat people especially when you are in a place of authority. Henry was in a place of authority as the caretaker, but he decided not to treat everyone equally. Which in turn made Mary feel spited for being deceived into paying more because she didn’t have the time to confirm the actual figures on the bill.

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