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John Dumelo caught up in state car scandal… Top 10 Twitter trolls that either made him laugh or cry

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at March 24, 2017


Actor John Dumelo has been trending on social media since he was allegedly caught with two state missing vehicles by government agents.

According to a report by Daily Guide, the actor  was caught with a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 at a spraying shop in Accra where it was going to be resprayed. While the second vehicle is yet to revealed. The vehicle was said to be among the 200 vehicles the presidency says are missing after the previous administration led by John Mahama left office.

John is yet to officially comment on the subject but left a coy message on social media which seems to be addressing the matter.  He wrote:

Life is too short….one minute you have life, next minute you are gone. Why do we waste the life we have here on earth on unnecessary things? Why is there so much hate, anger and revenge?. We all will be buried 6 feet under. You will probably be buried next to the cleaner you were rude to when you were alive.

So why show “power” when there is life? Why act if you will never die and leave this earth? “I will show you where power lies”, ” I’m not going to talk to that person again”, “I will never forgive him/her for what they did”.

These are just a few things human beings say to each other. Imagine if the God you serve said these to you.

Please let’s learn to love and be there for each other and learn to appreciate life. After all…each and everyone Of us will die one day. #lifeisshort #appreciatelife #lovemore #hateless #melomoment.”

Meanwhile as usual, Twitter folks had a field day trolling the actor, who publicly campaigned for ex-President John Mahama during the 2016 elections.

Here is my compilation of the top 10 trolls on the scandal!!!

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