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Jackie Appiah, John Dumelo, Christabel Ekeh, Others Starred In ‘2 Days After Friday’

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at December 9, 2019


It has become a tradition for Venus Film Production to serve movie lovers each year with festive movies, for families, lovebirds and more to have a good time at the cinemas.

The production company has announced a new movie titled 2 Days After Friday, scheduled to hit cinemas on December 24, 2019. It will be shown mostly at Silverbird Cinemas at Accra Mall and Westhills Mall in Accra, and also Watch and Dine Cinemas in Kumasi, simultaneously at 7pm and 9pm prompt.

In a statement released by the company regarding the movie, it states it a romantic comedy that exposes the hiding truth in relationships, marriages and friendship. All of these truths were revealed within a long weekend vacation, the events that unfold during their time on the vacation will push you to the edge of your seat immediately.

Here’s the full synopsis below:

James Ansah plans a reunion with his childhood friends after returning from his long stay abroad. The reunion was for two at a resort, little did James know that a lot of drama would unfold during the reunion getaway.

Sly, one of James oldest best friend is married to Irene, she is very beautiful, he refuses to allow her to work due to the fear of losing her to another man but would the reunion bring him a lot of perspective on his wife working.

Tony is a gym instructor who is dating Linda an actress, his speciality is with training women and Linda has issues with it but truly has even watched any of his girlfriend’s movie, but what happens when he discovers what kind of job his girlfriend is in.

Ricky is an actor and a colleague of Linda, but he is dating Ivy, with his past experience of failed relationships he is not ready to outdoor his girlfriend to the world, what happens when they both realize their relationship was just on a beneficial basis.

Raymond is a very smooth con-man who is dating a pretty thieve, he tries to hide what he really does from his friends as he was known to be the smartest one amongst them, Benita, his girlfriend doesn’t help for his image, so what would he do.

Meanwhile, James seeks for his date for the reunion, on his return he meets an interesting taxis driver by name Annie who is a graduate, she transformed herself to a beautiful lady worthy of a date for James. During the reunion would James find love or would his friends discover who they are.


Venus Film Production recruited well-known faces, including Jackie Appiah, John Dumelo, Christabel Ekeh, who perfectly blended with emerging actors such as Mary Lazarus, Jessica Larynor, Haille Sumney, Anthony Woode, Kweku Elliot, Mofe Duncan and Quasi Blay Jr.


Tickets are available at Silverbird Cinemas at Accra Mall and Westhills Mall and Watch and Dine Mall, Kumasi.

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