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Iyabo Ojo Sets Off Chaos As She Hosts The Housewives On RHOLagos Episode 5

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New episode, new drama, it’s unavoidable at this point as the ladies seem hell-bent on picking on each other over little issues, with all the drama being with Faith Morey. From having issues with her wearing a train to a spa date to outrightly calling her a bad friend for choosing not to call her friend Laura, the drama never ends.

Iyabo Ojo RHOLagos

In episode five, the ladies were invited on a 3-day getaway trip to Eko Resort & Spa. To celebrate, Iyabo Ojo lodged the ladies in the resort’s Luxury Garden Suite, which cost ₦85,000 per night. However, Laura Ikeji did not show up due to personal reasons.

Here are some highlights from the getaway.

Mariam Spearheads The Chaos

The theme of the night was ‘stripper,’ and the ladies were expected to channel their inner strippers with their outfits as they sat down to watch a preview of Iyabo Ojo’s new film, where she played the lead role. The film night was supposed to celebrate her 25 years in the industry. However, Mariam soon turned everything upside down as she started questioning Faith about Laura, who had decided not to attend the getaway.

It all degenerated into a night of petty insults and silliness as Faith threw petty insults like calling Mariam a ‘raccoon’, ‘public toilet,’ and the likes, and Mariam decided to go lower as her statements had to be bleeped by the production team.

Iyabo Ojo Celebrates 25-years In Nollywood

Despite the night ending in chaos, Iyabo Ojo put thought into her celebration with the ladies as she not only promoted a nice resort in Lagos, Nigeria but decided to promote Tiannah’s designs as she sewed traditional clothes for all the ladies in preparation for their stay at the resort.

In celebration of her years in Nollywood, she also invited a budding artiste, Lovn, who gave a scintillating performance of his unreleased single that immediately eased the tension between the ladies.

Laura Proves Iyabo Right

In season one, Laura made sure she barely showed up for any Iyabo Ojo-organised event. She did not attend their getaway, and she also briefly showed up for her daughter’s birthday party. For this reason, Iyabo had made sure not to invite her to her trip this season as she knew she wouldn’t honour the invitation.

However, Chioma decides to still give her a courtesy invite, which she did not outrightly decline but invited Faith to take her place at the event without telling the host or any of the other housewives why she decided not to honour the invite.

Drama is brewing, and we can all see it’s not going to end well.

Tiannah Really Is The King of Fashion

Who makes an outfit for seven women overnight? Tiannah is one of those people who can pull it off and still deliver a design like no other. Iyabo Ojo had contracted her to make a native attire for all the ladies attending the event, and she delivered that and more in just one day’s notice.

Faith Morey Gives Weird Excuse For Arriving Late At Her Party

At this point, everyone knows Faith is based in the US and only came to Nigeria a while back. It’s no news. However, Faith mentioned to Tania that the reason she kept the ladies unattended to at her event was because she had issues with her driver and there was no other person to drive her to her event.

Tania had advised that she get a bodyguard who can drive in situations like this, but Faith had brushed it off. She said, “I guess everybody has their own definition of what a life should be.” The drama this statement is going to cause won’t end this season.

Catch up on all that has happened on the fourth episode of The Real Housewives of Lagos on Showmax.

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