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It’s Laughter and Learning for Little Ones on DStv and GOtv this April

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at April 18, 2020


At DStv and GOtv we’re so excited to be spending a little extra time with some of our youngest viewers lately.

That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to find the best educational and inspirational shows to keep them busy in the most wonderful way. You won’t believe learning can be so much fun!

Don’t miss these entertaining and positive shows that creatively turn TV time into learning time. Make the most of DStv and GOtv with your kids this April.


Like Lerato

Like Lerato on DStv

School is in for all those primary school children who want to stay all caught up for Term Two, 2020. The Like Lerato series covers a range of topics aligned to the School curriculum.

Grades 1, 2, and 3 learners can make a play date with Lerato for their daily dose of English and Maths. With the premiere episode on Friday, 17 April this fun and informative show will make learning a breeze with DStv’s MINDSET Pop Up Channel on DStv Channel 317 at 06:00 WAT.


 Did You Know?

This series, which airs Mondays to Fridays, is the perfect antidote for all those difficult questions that have Mom and Dad dashing for the Google machine.

Did You Know explores the world from a factual point of view and is filled with fun and amazing facts about people and the world we live in. Da Vinci Kids is the perfect place for inquisitive little minds to find the answers they seek without all the technical terminology.

Watch all episodes at 19:30 WAT on DStv Channel 318 and on GOtv 66.


Grace’s Amazing Wheels 

This programme is like a junior version of Top Gear, where presenter Grace Webb gets into the driving seat after explaining all the mechanics behind a range of large, fast vehicles.

Every episode, a remote-controlled car named Speedie arrives with a theme for the day, after which Grace puts three related vehicles to the test before deciding on a favourite.

Saturday, 18 April on CBeebies on DStv Channel 306 at 15:02 WAT.


Bob the Builder – ‘Dizzy and the Talkie Talkie’ 

Bob The Builder

The original Mr Fixit is back on Jim Jam and as busy as ever. This week’s task involves figuring out how to build a water well in his neighbourhood. It’s not all straightforward though, and before long we’re faced with the inevitable question, ‘’Can he fix it?”. Tune in to DStv Channel 310 find out!

Don’t let your little ones miss out on it Monday, 20 April at 18:09 WAT and on GOtv 61.


The Lion Guard – ‘The Race to Tuliza’

Lion King

This show is based on Disney’s The Lion King and is an animated production that focuses on highlighting good values in children.

The stars of the show are Kion, son of King Simba, and his friends, Bunga the honey badger, Beshte the hippopotamus, Fuli the cheetah and Ono the egret. Their duty is to protect the Pride Lands from those who do not respect the circle of life.

In this episode, Fuli becomes lost in the territory of a male cheetah, Azaad, who refuses to show her the way home without a race. Find out who wins this Tuesday!

Tuesday, 21 April on Disney Junior (DStv Channel 309) at 17:30 WAT and on GOtv Channel 60.


Henry Danger! – “Diamonds are for Heather” 

Henry Hart aka Kid Danger is a sidekick to Swellview’s superhero Captain Man. This time the team is charged with protecting the rare Neal Diamond from a group of thugs who intend to steal it from its home in the Swellview Museum of Stools and Jewels.

Thursday, 23 April on Nickelodeon DStv Channel 305 at 11:35 WAT and on GOtv channel 62.


Supa Strikas

Supa Strikas

Everybody’s favourite soccer stars are at it again on DStv Channel 301 this Sunday. Their young fans can follow them on Sunday, 26 April in their quest to win the Super League cup and learn some lessons about self-actualisation, fair play, teamwork and respect along the way.

Watch all episodes at 17:26 WAT on Cartoon Network and on GOtv channel 67.

Set your children up for success and keep those active little minds busy this April with DStv and GOtv, where positive learning really is fun (and educational)!

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