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It’s a Tale of Friendship, Love and Commitment in Africa Magic’s New Drama Series – Unmarried

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 8, 2020


Love and friendship are usually the unifying factors among a group of people with different backgrounds, but they are determined to reach the pinnacle of their careers regardless of the obstacles that lie in wait for them in the form of failed relationships and heartbreaks. This is the meticulous story all DStv subscribers are set to enjoy this January in a new, enthralling drama series, ‘Unmarried’.

Unmarried’ tells the story of three inseparable young ladies, as they strive to survive the dynamics of friendship, career challenges, relationships, as well as general issues.

Nengimote (Venita Akpofure), Funbi (Enado Odigie), and Kamsiyochukwu (Folu Storms) grew up on the same street in a simple Lagos neighborhood, although their personal decisions have taken them on very different paths through life. They soon find out that through their contrasting relationship and professional paths, the rope that binds them together is largely built from the fibre of several cultural nuances peculiar to women living in Nigeria.

From the cultural demands of marriage, looking for a child and expectations for a male child, to enduring the pains of infidelity, separation, divorce, family interference in marriage, segregation and women discrimination in the workplace, Nengi, Funbi and Kamsi weave through the wire to find strength in their uncommon friendship.

As the story of bittersweet relationships and segregation unfolds, viewers will quickly realise that the three bubbly friends are not alone, as they are pieces of a puzzle that needs immediate attention to achieve a tolerant society on a grander scale of things.

Unmarried’ will begin to air from Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 09:00 pm (WAT). Catch all the twists from the relatable drama series on Africa Magic Showcase (Channel 151) on DStv.

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