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Introduction to Eye Judah’s maiden album “GENESIS”

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at November 22, 2018


Glitches give authoritative purpose for buoyancy. Depending ones analytical reasoning ability, in a realm where everything is possible, difficulties produce the motivation to make advancement. This is connected to the beautiful journey of Eye Judah in the music industry and how time has revealed the real and true secrets of time, purpose and self-identity. He details his own personal experience, lessons, people he has cross path with mixed with charming love stories and everything about himself on his debut album titled; GENESIS. The album promises to be the start of the brand Eye Judah professionally as a certified reggae/dancehall artist.

For the first time in his life as an artist, he has bought some credit for himself to operate fully under new management to drum home the story of the full-fledged description Eye Judah. The songs loaded on the album are far poles apart from the songs he is known to produce in the past. No wonder new pictures of him has flooded the internet past days to create the awareness of his comeback stronger, skillful and tougher. Ulterior motive behind those released pictures of Eye Judah was a move by his management team to get his image out to create the awareness of brand, appreciate who he is as an artist before kick starting anything else.

The songs on the album are produce to give the general public all-out satisfaction notwithstanding where you find yourself in every walk of life. As it stands, management is contemplating on the number of songs to be on the album since over 30 songs have been mastered. All in all, 20 songs or more are predictable to be on the album. I had the opportunity listen few of the songs, and truth me when I say the album comes with extra-interesting details you never expected from him. He sounded absolutely original with his newly married craft. I love the new Eye Judah, so will you!!! The album addresses countless controversies labeled against. Management is not too far from releasing the album because its 97% done. December 2018 is the release month but official date is not ready.

These are some few features to look out for with the brand Eye Judah; matured lyrics, more original, matured as a man, more commercial/hardcore and very influential. There’s no guarantee of the album meeting your expectations, yet, you’ll have favorites. Until then anticipate for it.

(Story: John Claude Tamakloe)


Source: Beenie Words

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