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In the Mercy and Ike Finale Episode, There’s a Million Naira Ring and an Imminent Proposal

Follow @eventlabgh < Last week’s episode, the couple had a chat with the therapist and agreed to meet up with...

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Last week’s episode, the couple had a chat with the therapist and agreed to meet up with Ike’s family for the meeting.

This is the last episode of the Mercy and Ike show. We are taken down memory lane through the past weeks in the lives of Mercy and Ike, and how they work to ensure that their relationship continues to grow.

Ike has finally found the ring he believes would be the best to propose to Mercy. His cousin Pascal is quite worried about the one million Naira ring. He mentions that if Ike spends so much, he might be spending about N3m for the wedding. Ike said that he’ll cross that bridge when he gets to it. He calls T-Diamonds, the jeweler, to discuss further on buying the ring.

Ike calls Mercy to discuss the process of meeting his family, Mercy says she will have to go with him to Imo State. Ike wants to get the process right. He will need to take money and drinks with him.

Ike has Venita with him, to meet up with Mercy’s friend, Moet, and talk to her about the ring he wants to buy for Mercy. Moet is excited, they agree that she will help with choosing a ring design and finding out Mercy’s ring size. Ike says he is ready to go to the next step.

Mercy and Ike are nervous about the meeting with his family. They are talking about the introduction and some of the issues surrounding the relationship. Ike wants direction on what to do regarding the engagement. Ike’s uncle says that when the time is right, he will go with Ike’s father to start the engagement process. Promise wants to know when Ike’s family will be coming to see her family.

Mercy says the surprise element has been taken off, and she fears the relationship or marriage may not work, she also expressed her reservation about the interference of family.

The show ends as we see Mercy and Ike telling us how they enjoyed shooting the reality TV show together. They have learned a lot about themselves and their relationship. They plan to keep going strong with their relationship and bring their families even closer together.

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