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‘If you’re begging please beg with conscience’ — Alex Ekubo to fan who asked him to help raise N7.5m

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at November 19, 2018


Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo, took to Instagram to share an email he received from a fan asking him to help in raising funds for his study in Australia.

According to the fan, he was offered admission in a university in Australia, and all the fees he’ll be needing is 8 million naira. However his mother, who he says is a widow, has been able to raise N500,000 and he needs help raising the remaining N7.5 million.

The fan wrote in the email; “Good evening sir. Please sir i was offered admission in Australia and i’m unable to pay the fees. My mum has been able to raise N500,000 out of 8 million and i lost my dad since i was a kid. Sir just help me with anything. I would be glad if you can do so”

And Alex Ekubo responded, but he decided to do so publicly. He took to his Instagram page writing;

“Father Lord you that parted the Red sea, & lef the Isrealites out of danger, pls give me this money pple think i have… the Hear is willing but the bank akant is weak

“See this bros is asking small me to sponsor him to study in the abroad, a whoooooole Australia, kai bros u get mind, you no even talk Unilag or Lasu or even our backyard Cotonou, there is even no direct flight to Australia from Nigeria & you’re asking me to raise 7.5 MILLION NAIRA.

“Dear Nigerians pls if you are begging for help pls beg with conscience & fear of God. Both my younger ones are studying in Nigeria here, me that studied in UniCal i’m not mad & i did not die.”

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