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‘I Was A Teenager When I Met My Husband’- Singer, Lami Phillips Talks About Teenage Love

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at April 9, 2017


Lami Phillips, has taken to her IG page to reveal that she met her husband as a teenager and knew they would spend the rest of their lives together.

The ‘Love’ singer shared this detail about her life moments ago on in a post where she voiced her opinion on relationship and marriage.

She wrote;

Teenage love. People don’t believe I was a teenager when I met my husband and decided he was the one I was going to marry. We’ve been like this since then. Look for someone who is all about your purpose. Forget the extra layers of nonsense .. those things that will fade away quickly.

Focus more on the relationship.. the marriage .. don’t put all your energy in the wedding. Pray together.. talk about the actual future.. read books.. he/she will never be a finished product but are they willing to grow with you? He/she may not look like IT right now but is that really priority?

I met him and I knew it was him because I was prepared to receive love.. because I was clearer about my purpose in life.. because I asked God to pick for me and guide my needs instead of my wants. I needed someone who will make me a better person. I needed someone with integrity..

I needed someone who won’t forget to call.. who would call way more than needed just to know I’m ok. I needed a teacher.. a giver. I needed someone who still believed in writing letters.. and getting those little gifts that say.. “I was thinking of you”.. i needed someone who understood commitment.. and would never threaten to leave me when I fall short ( and believe me I do!)..

i needed someone I could wake at 2am and say “I believe God wants us to pray.. ” and know that he won’t laugh at me. I needed someone who could cook and change diapers too.. I needed someone who never saw limits in my horizon.. someone who saw greatness in me.

Mostly I needed to deserve this person.. so I worked on myself and I still do. This doesn’t mean life won’t throw challenges your way or that you won’t mess up sometimes.. but ultimately.. love conquers ALL. Thank God for this teenage love. ( if you have daughters.. don’t wait till they are 20 to talk to them about marriage and love.. start NOW! Train their minds if you have sons.. please raise them even better than the girls. They will head a home one day.

Teach them love, forgiveness, tenderness, focus, goals, structure, etiquette .. let them know now to hold doors for ladies.. etc.. please.. my daughters must marry real men o.. Biko raise em right)



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