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I can’t follow all my fans back on Social Media” – Eazzy

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at March 16, 2019


Mildred Ashong referred to in showbiz as Eazzy has set the record straight for not following her fans on social media.

Social media platforms especially Twitter has been a great channel for most celebrities and musicians to interact with their fans directly and has helped to grow their fan base.  The reason why most people follow celebrities all around the world on social media is to obtain career and personal information and almost every celebrity in Ghana is on one or more of such platforms.

In an Interview with Chelsy Sey on #RyseNShyne, a lifestyle morning show on Yfm Takoradi, Eazzy explained that it will simply not be right  to follow back some of her friends  and fans and leave others. She stated she wants all to feel equal hence her decision not to follow anyone.

“For me I handle all my social media pages as fun pages, from facebook to twitter to instagram and it is actually to make everybody feel equal that’s the reason i don’t follow any fan. I can’t follow this person and not follow the other. I cherish and love everybody the same so i would rather give everyone equal treatment from my friends to my fans. I faced a backlash some years back where some fans took offence for following others and not them. Let’s be honest I can’t follow everybody.”

The “Odo” hit maker who is set to release her 5 track solo EP titled “Strength of Love Overrated (SOLO)” further indicated that her social media account hasn’t followed anyone back for the past 3 years.

Eazzy is currently promoting her single odo which is enjoying a lot of radio & tv play.


(Source: Agyekum Gyimah)

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