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‘I call Lati’ Guy Gets N1 million As Davido Finally Delivers On His Promise(Photos)

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at January 3, 2019


‘I call Lati’ guy gets N1 million as Davido finally delivers on his Promise. ‘I call Lati’ is another name for the young man promised 1 million naira by Davido athis recently concluded concert in Lagos.

Recently, an interesting story of a promise made by the 26 year old celebrity singer turned extremely sour. Davido made a promise of giving a young man due to his role of fighting for some ladies that were being maltreated. After the show, the young man took to calling Davido’s personal assistant named Lati who had been instructed to give him the money. Some misundertanding happened between the young man and Lati, and this forced him to make a video calling out Davido for being unfaithful to his promise. The popular singer made a counter video that was both hilarious and mocking.

Davido finally gives “I call Lati, I call Lati” boy N1million he promised him

Many of davido’s fans and other Nigerians who understood the dynamics of the situation havecontinued to ‘yab’ the boy for his impatience. According to them, his impatience would eventually make him lose the promised money. However, O.B.O widely known for his generosity and who recently called himself Santa, decided to surprise the young man. He not only surprised the young man and his fans by giving the young man a huge sum of N1 million as promised but also went ahead to invite him to his house as his guest.



A  viral footage of the e life-changing encounter surfaced. It shows the boy showering praises on Davido for delivering on his promise and handing him N1 million cash. He kept saying repeatedly that Lati has finally picked his call. Even more, this young man was not alone. The young man was not alone in this joyous mood. He came with a friend who was supposedly have advised him to call out Davido in the first place .

 'I call Lati', Guy Gets N1 million As Davido Finally Delivers On His Promise(Photos)

I call Lati guy's friend

Nigerians who have been  thrilled all through the ‘I call Lati’ episode  appreciates Davido for his  generosity. Many of them appreciated Davido for being true to his words. Nevertheless, the young impatient man is still under the mockery of many Nigerians for his foolish act of impatience. Davido’s recently held concert was full of controversies. There were mixed reactions to the event  due to the issues that it brewed. But for what its worth, O.B.O “killed it” as usual. This was indicated on one of his Instagram posts appreciating Lagosians for the turn up and quickly sold out tickets.

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