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How To Successfully Keep Your Relationship Lowkey

Follow @eventlabgh < Over the weekend Zainab Balogun got married and while this shouldn’t be a big deal, a beautiful...

By Eventlabgh , in Lifestyle , at May 17, 2018


Over the weekend Zainab Balogun got married and while this shouldn’t be a big deal, a beautiful young woman getting married to the love of her life, it stunned us.


Because not one person had any idea she was engaged talk more of her wedding being that day. We can of course deduct from the matching ankara celebrity guests wore to attend that a very small circle of people were informed.

But Zainab wasn’t the first person to pull this stunt off if we remember correctly. 2017 saw one of the biggest celebrity weddings after Adesua Etomi and Banky W simultaneously announced that they had been dating for two years, were engaged and oh, were getting married that weekend.

Legendary moment I tell you, one we’ll be referring to for a very long time and most likely will become a frequent reference in all things pop culture.

And let’s not forget the the time Agbani Darego married Ishaya Danjuma in a secret ceromony that saw only 35 guests present.

You get our point that even though we live in an era where brides are aspiring to be featured on BellaNaija with weddings that are all glitz and glam, our celebrities would rather keep things off the grid.

If you, like our favorite celebrity couples, have decided to keep your relationship and union on the low then these tips are certainly for you.

1. Tell only the people who know how to keep a secret

One important thing we’ve all noticed is the ability of the people around them bearing the secret knowledge of the couple being together and respecting their wishes.

We all have that friend that can not stop talking and chances are, if you’re intending to keep your relationship a secret, I advise you to tell as few people as possible and even then only the ones who can be trusted.

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2. PDA shouldn’t even be a part of your vocabulary

If you want to keep it private then any displays of public affection is off limits because even when you think no one around knows you well… You can never tell who that ‘nobody’ knows.

If you’re both in public it’s best you keep things looking like you’re simply platonic friends and not lovers who are scheming to elope to tie the knot.

3. Keep interactions with your partner off social media

We all love to acknowledge of partners on social media and a few other things too, but this really is something you’ll want to avoid. Even if it’s just light banter you both exchange, internet detectives will find a way to connect the dots and draw lines.

The only way to avoid this is to keep your business entirely off of social media and no, the method of showing only his hand or shoes will not be tolerated either.

4. When questions about your relationship or partner come up, be vague

Whether it’s interviews or a night out with your girls, when the topic of your love life comes up be as vague as possible.

If confronted with questions that put you on the spot deny, deny deny!

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