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How To Steal The Show At Any Owambe

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at July 28, 2018


Now this may not be proper but who said proper is fun? What’s the point of attending an owambe where all eyes aren’t on you? Exactly, no point.

In every owambe, there are some ladies who can not go unnoticed. They are the centre of attention in good or bad ways. Sometimes, it’s very annoying and you wonder, ‘What’s even wrong with this one?’ or ‘Who is she sef?’

Who is she? Well, let’s make her you.

1. Do not wear the asoebi

No matter what happens, do not come dressed like every other person. The purpose is to do the exact opposite. If you want to attend a wedding where you’d easily be the centre of attention, do not wear what everybody is told to wear; not the colours, not the fabrics, not even the hairstyle if there’s anything like that.

It’s typical of Nigerians to have guests buy same fabric for an Owambe or have people wear certain colours. Of course that’s really cool, but not today. Today (that you want to steal the show in an Owambe), do not wear the same fabric as others. Do not wear a similar or almost similar outfit either.

2. Look the part

Now that you won’t be wearing the asoebi, what to wear? If you want to steal the show, dress like you want to steal the show. Do not do casual, do sophisticated. Wear something that calls attention.

Some of the easiest ways to do this is to wear bright colours, show more than enough skin, overdress, make fashion faux pas or have too much going on with your outfit. You can do a bold head piece with even bolder jeweries, and a floor sweeping gown with a lot of details. You get the point yea?

Your makeup is another thing too. Make sure your face is beaten like it’s the last day you’ll wear makeup. For more result, wear a red lipstick.

3. Be late and make an entrance

This here is probably the most important on the list. Come when everybody is sitted and make an entrance. Walk slower than usual and like you are the sexiest creature that ever walked the earth, smile coyly, have an air of importance and generally the disposition of one who all eyes are on because they most probably are.

Don’t come so late you don’t get a seat though.

4. Be very extra

Try to be extra in all you do there. If you are dancing, dance with a little more vigour. When the joke is funny, laugh with a higher pitch than usual but of course not like a fool. When you are talking, raise your voice higher than necessary.

Just be dramatic.

5. Be Confident

 This is even more important than making an entrance, confidence. Act like you know you are fab because you actually are. Raise your head up high and steal the show like no thief ever have.

Ps: We do not guarantee that you won’t be bounced from the party.

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