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How To Spend BBNaija ₦100M Prize And Never Go Broke

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at July 22, 2022


The previous winners of Africa’s biggest reality TV show, Big Brother Naija, have moved on to become some of the biggest influencers in the entertainment industry, with a fanbase ready to give anything to get content from these personalities.

Big Brother Naija Season 6 Winner Whitemoney

From Miracle to Efe, Laycon, Mercy and Whitemoney, these reality TV stars have ventured into various sects of the entertainment industry to spend their cash prize while aiming for relevance and sustainability.

However, for some their popularity has dwindled a bit. One commodity that has failed to keep most BBNaija stars in the limelight is their inability to sell themselves beyond the reality TV star who got popularity for their personality on the show.

With personalities who have stayed relevant over the years, even more than the winners, one thing is common, talent, versatility and hard work. BBNaija stars like Elozonam, Ebuka, Bisola, Tobi, and Laycon are one of the few whose designation is not only BBNaija related.

These stars are often referred to first as the veterans and professionals in their fields. From social content creation to acting and music, they’ve done it all and excelled at it.

For the seventh season of Big Brother Naija, which will be airing from July 23, the winner would win a total prize of ₦100 million – ₦50 million cash prize and ₦50 million worth of prizes from BBNaija sponsors.

Here is how to spend your BBNaija ₦50 million cash prize and never go broke.

Capitalize on talent

Many BBNaija stars focus on the same things without proper preparation or understanding of what they want to do. For them, it’s who first gets the deals, and that doesn’t equate to relevance in the long run.

Entertainers like Bisola and Ebuka, who have become highly successful in the industry, did not win their season but what they did was capitalize on talent. So, spending a part of your ₦50 million to create quality and well-thought-out projects is a way to never get broke.


When most BBNaija housemates get evicted from the show or even win, one thing is apparent they just went in there for vibes and do not have an idea of their next step if anything happens.

One trick to staying relevant enough for you not to go broke is to take the ideation part of your journey seriously. Be strategic.

Invest in Talents

Although it might be a risky way to prevent poverty, it is valid. You might not be talented, but you can back someone who is and earn a lifetime as a result of that. Spotting talent is also a form of talent.

Venture Into A Business Unique To You

Boutiques, clothing lines, and music are some of the most ventured into spaces by BBNaija housemates after the show. Starting a business uniquely crafted and well thought out will not only increase your chances of not descending to ground zero but ensure that your relevance and hype are adequately channelled.

Fifty million naira cash prize is a lot of money, but it can also be lost in seconds. If you win the BBNaija ₦50 million cash prize, how would you be spending it?

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