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How to pick your bras according to the shape of your breasts

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at November 27, 2019


When you are choosing a bra, knowing your bra size is not always enough. Sometimes, the bra that is your size is still too small or too big for your breast. For maximum comfort, you’ll also need to consider the shape of your breasts, no matter how unique they are. 

Saving you from endless trips to shop for the perfect bras is why we have compiled this list of tips you should consider when you’re shopping for bras. Check them out: 

  1. Demi cup bra: Demi cup bras typically cover half of the breast while the other half  is more exposed. This type of bra is well suited if you have teardrop-shaped breasts or if you’re going for a little bit of cleavage tease.

  1. Soft bra: Soft bras typically have underwires that lift the breast and are sometimes confused for “push-up” bras. If you have large or heavy-set breasts, this will be great for you. .

  1. Plunge bra: These types of bras are designed to press the breast closer to each other. It looks great on women who have side set breasts and women whose breasts point outwards to the side of their body.

  1. Bralette: This type of bra does not have underwires in them and they don’t have buckles either. They are mostly made without any supportive elements and they are perfect for women with small breasts but terrible for bigger breasted women because they do not provide proper support. 

While these types are for specific types of breasts, if you have a round or teardrop-shaped breast, almost any bra will work for you depending on the size. But if your breasts are asymmetrical, then you may need to consider a bra with removable pads. Let us know what other bra buying tips you know in the comments or on social. We look forward to them!

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