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How To Choose A Perfect Wedding Hashtag

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 1, 2018

Bride: @t_babyv

In the era where social media is a primary means of reaching out to the world, you will need a hashtag if you want people to keep up with your wedding festivities.

Getting a hashtag isn’t as easy as it seems and it isn’t so difficult too, it just has to be unique, encouraging and easy to remember. Your hashtag must be good enough and encourage attendees to use it as they post pictures on Instagram.

Below are 5 easy ways to get the most out of your wedding hashtag:

1. Make it Original:

If you are using a common hashtag, your photos will be mixed up with other people’s wedding photos, and that will make it difficult to find. So it’s best you use something more original, you can also add a word to it like; love, weds, forever, this will make it stand out from similar ones.

2. Use your names:

Use your names to form a good hashtag, do not use only initials and dates because a lot of other couples share the same initials as you. The major element of a hashtag is using your name and partner’s to form something unique.

3. Make it Simple:

Do not #Useaverylonghashtagwithoutcapitalletterstodescribeyourwholewedding, you already know  why. Making it simple and brief will enable easy typing and searching too.

4. Remember to add the year:

Adding the year to the hashtag makes it easier to search and anyone that sees it will easily recall the year it happened. This also differentiates it from others that have happened in the past.

5. Never add symbols:

Use only a # there, that’s why it’s called a hashtag, don’t use a comma or dashes or spaces, this will cut the hashtag.  A good hashtag only consists of alphabetic characters and numbers.

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