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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at July 14, 2017


True, you might not know or have heard about him but Modulo Tha Ga Bwoy is Accra’s open secret. Known to industry people like Jon Germain, Jo-El, Baby Gee, Gwemm, Jeremy, Tinny, E.l and his hard core followers in La and Osu, there’s little doubt that if poor management and naivety robbed Tha Ga Bwoy in the past, he is more than ready to stake his claim in the music world.

With a cunning ability to spit in fluent English and succinct Ga, Modulo effortless transitions from one end to another dropping delightful bars while retaining the ability to sing as well.

Making his debut with Mission Statement in 2012, Modulo real name Isaac Nii Ako Okpoti says he quickly pricked interest from several quarters appearing on Jon Germain’s ‘Allo Tigo’ show which prompted the Supremo to remark: “you are my best rapper of the year” after a live stellar performance in the studio.

Rather than see his career soar, things went downhill and as Modulo himself puts it “I was young and naïve expecting things to happen quickly. My manager at the time Gwemm perhaps could have explained the difficulties with landing deals and shows so I have a better understanding why things were slow but that’s all in the past now. The future is now.

“Initially I was just rapping but I have learnt the craft of writing music and singing now” the dreadlock brethren opined.

According to Modulo, his music journey has not been rosy but music has been kind to him intimating that when he is at his lowest, it is music which keeps him company and inspires him to forge ahead.

Recounting his music journey, Modulo stated all his life he’s loved music but it was from 2002 onwards that he became conscious of music, feeding heavy on the works of Obrafuor, BukBak, Tinny, Deba and Mensa thanks to his walk man.

Tha Ga Bwoy has tunes such as Mission Statement, Dumbeemi prod by Gafaaci, Sakasaka ft. Captain Planet by Rony Turn Me Up, Feature on Chase’s Lonely, Hey, Ot Yemi as well as other tunes which went down well and have been warmly received.

Now signed onto Soul Music co-run by his good self and partner Nana Yaw Agyekum, 2016 holds promise for the gifted rapper cum singer.

“Am almost ready with my EP (Extended Play) of 4 songs which should be on offer by June so my fans can groove and chill out. Not to keep them too thirsty we released the ‘RED MIXTAPE” (10 songs) comprising my old works during the festive season last year” he declared.

The man who hibernated for 3 years to rediscover his passion mentioned to that AB-SO, Wiley, Skpta, Talib Kwali, Nas, Jay-Z, Drake and Kendrick Lamar are entertainers whose work he enjoys out there.

“I lacked confidence a while back and could not regulate my breathing while performing because of my excess weight but I am more health conscious now. I do a lot of cardio exercise now and press-ups while regulating my carbs intake.

“The tattoos you see on my body are to remind me never to give up on music so when the tough times come I endure it” the bachelor explained.

Born in Nigeria Makurdi, Benue State before relocating to Ghana, the 28 year old La native is keen to take his rightful place in music earning wealth and fame and with his new found verve, expect Modulo TGB at your door step soon.

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