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Hot new music: Ron Saforo – Medea

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Ron Saforo

Fast rising newcomer, Ron Saforo who is making quite a name for himself with his storytelling style of music is out with a new single titled, ‘Medea’ (meaning my own). The slow tempo track tells the story of finding true love and doing everything to keep the ‘woman of his heart’. 

Inspiration for an artist can come in many shapes and forms, and for Ron Saforo it comes in the way of unique multiculturalism bound with spellbinding storytelling and flavoursome beats and melodies.

Largely inspired by Outkast, the Dungeon Family and Donell Jones’ hit RNB album, ‘Where I Wanna Be’, Saforo is an artist who knows where he wants to be, that being at the forefront of an unprecedented international sound that thumps like the liveliness of a busy day at Makola Market bazaar.

Here we are, presented with a multi-genre talent whose productions and melodies bring together the best of hip hop, RNB, and afrobeat, serving as Saforo’s aural vehicle for the exploration of issues ranging from immigration to relationships.

This zest for musical creativity was ignited in his early teenage years, and soon, Saforo found himself at the centre of one of Ghana’s most prolific rap groups, ‘The Skillions’, of which was the home for big name African artists such as ‘EL’, ‘Jayso’, and ‘J-Town’.

While starting as a rapper, Saforo’s lyricism extended to its more melodic variant, teaming up with ‘Jayso’ in what was to become his first release out of many as a vocalist.

With these many successes in his hometown of Accra, Ghana, the next step in Saforo’s journey was across the Atlantic in America, where, together with fellow Ghanaian rapper ‘Treasure, Atlanta V103 radio talent ‘DJ Kash and Love And Hip Hop’s ex Dirty Money member Kalenna, his first major release, ‘Money Over Murder’ made waves in 2012.

However, most recently, Saforo has been hard at work on his new EP, “AINAC” – Africa Is Not A Country’. A rebuke of the mainstream media’s hugely misconstrued portrayal of Africa as being one giant backdrop for the movies ‘Hotel Rwanda’ and ‘Blood Diamond’ (it most certainly is not).


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