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Here Are The Reasons Why Your Lips Get So Dry And Chapped

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at November 13, 2018


During the harmattan season, the atmosphere all around us become cold and dry which can cause our lips to tear. But sometimes, lips can become dry, even when it’s not harmattan season.

Most people suffer from chapped lips due to some deficiency in their system, resulting to lips that look less beautiful and attractive.

Have you ever wondered why your lips get so dry even when it’s not harmattan season? Read on to find out some reasons why this happen:

  1. Lack of Vitamins:

Vitamin deficiency has been linked to dry lips. Vitamin B2 is needed for proper cell function which includes healthy lips.

Consuming foods such as eggs and lean meat which are high in vitamin B2, also vegetables and foods that contain zinc and iron will enable your cells to function properly.

2. Yeast infection:

If your lips are dry, especially at the corners of your mouth, then your body may be producing too much yeast, indicating you have an infection. You need to see a doctor and get some antibiotics.

3. Fragranced lip balm:

Sometimes lip balm can cause your lips to be dry. If you are applying lip balm and you notice this happening, then you need to check the ingredients of the balm, some may contain ingredients that your lip is sensitive to or you may have an allergy to some products. You need to stop applying them.

4. Licking the lips:

You may actually think that licking your lips will help out, but this will actually make things worse. Constant licking of the lips will end up washing the natural grease from the lips which can lead to dryness.

5. Dehydration:

If you are exposed to too much rays from the sun, or if you aren’t getting enough hydration in your body, then your body can signal you by making your lips chapped. So you need to avoid being exposed to high sun rays and drink between eight and twelve glasses of water daily.




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