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Here Are All The Bingeworthy Series You Should Be Watching

Follow @eventlabgh < Not sure about what to watch this weekend on Netflix? Don’t worry we have you covered! 1....

By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at July 14, 2018


Not sure about what to watch this weekend on Netflix? Don’t worry we have you covered!

1. She’s gotta have it – 1 season

Haven’t watched it? Really?!

It’s a Netflix original series based on the movie of the same name. The plot is told through the eyes of Nola Darling, an artist in and basically narrates the pitfalls of her love life (or love lives, depending on how you look at it.)

Some may find the controversial show mildly relatable and if you’re an oldie music buff then this is just right for you as Spike Lee brings all our old songs as the soundtrack.

2. How to get away with murder – 4 seasons

This is definitely one series you have to watch if you currently haven’t started. Late last year the season 3 was added to Netflix to the delight of anticipating fans.

The plot revolves around a strong, black woman called Annalise Keating who is a lawyer with her own firm. We watch her navigate the murky waters of love, solving or failing to solve cases and of course, letting her teach us precisely how to get away with murder.

Viola Davis makes for a very convincing character as she plays the lead role of Annalise Keating and can we just note how binge-worthy this series is?

3. Suits – 7 seasons

A corporate lawyer Harvey Specter and his team, Donna Paulsen, Louis Litt, and Alex Williams are launched into a play for power when a new partner joins the firm. With his two best associates gone and Jessica back in Chicago, Specter and the team try to adjust to a new normal without them.

The team faces down betrayals, fiery relationships, and secrets that eventually come to light. Old and new rivalries come to light among members of the team as they learn to deal with their new member.

Oh yeah, you’ll have fun spotting Meghan Markle in it too.

4. Game of thrones – 7 seasons

You know a show is going to be a good binge watch when you’re tearing your hair out waiting for new episodes week to week, and new seasons year to year.

Game of Thrones might be the most spectacular sight to ever hit the airwave and crafts a completely immersive world where anything can happen, anyone may perish, and each new twisted cliffhanger and moment of violent punctuation leaves you clamoring to see what’s next.

Whether you’ve watched it before and just want to rewatch it again in anticipation of next year or want to start, we promise you will not be disappointed.

5. Black mirror – 4 seasons

We can’t even begin on this one, but we can promise you’ll be having zero regrets watching it. The even better part is that each episode is a standalone so story so you don’t have worry about what happens next. But we must warn you, there is some pretty spooky stuff.

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