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Guest feature: Grooming Ghanaian youths

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at December 2, 2016


maxresdefaultIn the residence of a very great and renowned Ghanaian preacher are no less than six young pastors who are being trained and prepared. They live with him and move about with him everywhere he goes. These are young pastors full of dreams and vision to impact their generation, influence nations, and make a difference in the lives of people. In the company of this preacher, they have the opportunity to be similar or be one of the best in ministry as the secrets that made him great in his generation are being revealed to them for their learning.

Indeed, many young people in this nation have dreams and vision of becoming something or doing something with their lives that will impact their generation and the generations yet unborn.

Today, Ghana has produced illustrious sons and daughters who have been excellent in all spheres of human endeavours and brought pride and recognition to this nation. These are generation of old men and women who like young people today once had dreams and with hard work and determination have lived out this dream.

However, the truth is that this generation of Ghanaian achievers will not always be with us as they will one day depart this earth into eternity. To take their place and also make this nation proud will be the next generation of blessed young men and women of this nation. But to assume that these young men and women will just appear on the scene and begin to perform miracles in business, politics, and medicine or in any sphere of leadership without any adequate and proper preparation is to be naïve. Because the next generation of leaders are never assumed but are prepared for such assignment.

The Place of Training

Every great performance comes on the back of good preparation. When you are well prepared for your assignment, the world celebrates you. But when you are unprepared you become unequipped and when you are unequipped you cannot make any meaningful contribution in your generation.

President John Dramani Mahama did not suddenly become a president of this nation. He was one time in his life an assemblyman, who became a member of parliament, and a minister of state before finally becoming the head of state. Throughout these stages his leadership skills and work ethics were sharpened and developed to enable him function effectively and efficiently as a president.

The developed eagle bird does not assume that because the eaglet has its nature and attribute it will fly automatically to the heights and ride on the wings of storms when it comes of age. No! The eaglet as a matter of procedure is normally trained and prepared by her parents to fly.

If you turn back the pages of history, back to the very beginning, you will find that men and women who were groomed for leadership in business, politics or in any field of human endeavour performed creditably well than those who were not. It is important that young people allow themselves to be groomed. It is not for fun that we have fathers, mentors, and role models in our world. These people are there so we can learn from them and be groomed by them for the future.

Training is a necessary requirement if we must perform at the top and be celebrated by people. Anybody can dream of a great tomorrow, but it’s only those who are prepared and work for it that live in them.

The Unavailability of Ghanaian Success Stories

Today, God has blessed this nation with an increasing number of successful Ghanaians. These are people with incredible stories to tell of how to be successful.

However, little or no information is readily available to access on these individuals’ success stories for our learning. The youth of this nation need such information to learn from. Not too long ago, I tried to research a very successful businessman in this country, and to my surprise, I could not find any meaningful information on him on the internet or in any book.

The success stories of Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet and others are easily accessible on the internet and in books for anyone who wishes to learn and access. These individuals talk about how they made it on radio and on television, and others listen with respect and learn from them. Surprisingly in this country, such things rarely happen.

To an extent, few who have succeeded are not ready to teach young people, let alone groom them. It will serve the young people of this nation tremendous good if people who have made it in life will put their stories in books and on internet for others to learn and be equipped with.

Our Society

If today young people do not have the information to access on the achievers of this great nation, to my opinion, our society is to be blamed for it. Our hostile character and cynicism towards those who made it in Ghana has prevented many successful people from coming forward to freely talk about how they made it. We accuse them of bragging and at times insult them.

Let Patrick Awuah of Ashesi University go on air to talk about his success and we will call him too-known and drag him into the mud. Our society does not celebrate successful stories and we need to overcome this attitude.

The developed countries are wealthy and successful because every successful story is celebrated and taught for others to replicate.

Young People Must Have Teachable Spirits

Like the pastors in the house of the renowned Ghanaian preacher undergoing preparation, young people must take the personal responsibility for their grooming. They must locate people in their field of operation and submit themselves to the process of grooming.

Nobody will locate you for grooming if you do not go out there to locate them. Prophet Elijah in the Bible groomed Elisha to become a seasoned prophet, and Eli also groomed the child Samuel on how to hear and recognise the voice of God, and he ended up becoming one of the greatest prophets Israel ever had.

If you desire to perform at the top, then you need someone who has the mountaintop experience to groom you for it. Your speed in life is largely determined by the quality of the men and women who prepared you for life.

Many successful people are ready to teach and groom others when they approach them, and to be successful in your training you need to possess a teachable spirit. Eli the priest couldn’t have successfully groomed Samuel for his assignment if Samuel did not have a teachable spirit to learn. Likewise Elisha wouldn’t have successfully completed his training if he did not humble himself to learn at the feet of Elijah.

Why fumble and stumble to find your way to success if there are others who can show you the way?

By Charles Anyomi


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