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“Grown men, acting all childish on social media… F-k Off!” – Koffi slams P Square

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By Eventlabgh , in Celebrity Entertainment News , at October 5, 2017


There has been an ongoing feud between Peter and Paul of P Square, leading to both of them announcing that they are going their separate ways.

Paul and Peter Okoye (Psquare)

Speaking on the feud, comedian, singer and actor Koffi said has said that he doesn’t care about what is going on in their family as he has his own issues to deal with, adding that they are acting “childish on social media” despite being “grown men”.

Comedian Koffi

He said, “Sorry i don’t give a frog about Psquare or whatever, I don’t care, i have my own issues. Take your family issues into your family and deal with it. I don’t give a frog. Grown men acting childish all over social media.. Frog off mehn, wetin happen”

Comedian Omobaba also shared his thoughts, saying that Peter and Paul have always been known as one and it has been working for them. He however, said he’s not in the position to tell them what to do, saying that “they have elders in their family”.

In his word;

“You guys know what is bets for each other, you are both adults, we see you as one. But if you decide to be two, you have a rethink. I can’t tell you what to do, you know what to do best. You have elderly people at home that can talk to you, It’s not me.. It’s not in my position, but i pray that whatever is causing the fight between yourself and your brothers, you guys are one, you should just keep it together.

“We want Nigeria to be together.. so Psquare, you two stay together. The fight is too much, it’s affecting other people. Other twins are thinking are thinking of separating, so don’t separate because you are a unifying factor”

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