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Government and the Creative Arts institutions have failed the Entertainment Industry – FOCAP

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By Eventlabgh , in Entertainment News , at November 3, 2021


Ghamro, ARSOG, GAPI, Musiga, FIPAG, Actor’s Guild etc combined with past & present governments have shamelessly failed the Entertainment industry of Ghana and the earlier stakeholders rise and take their destiny into their own hands as Creatives the better.


For years all these groupings and associations have acted in leadership roles of the Industry but as we speak today Ghamro has no board, Musiga has no president, ARSOG is in the shadows, Actors Guild is in court, GAPI has no board and so on and so forth. Worse of all is Government’s meddling in the industry with so much ignorance which has worsened their plight.


The NFA is as confused as ever whiles the Creative Arts Agency has no Chairman or Executive Secretary.

With all this confusion & chaos in one industry how do you expect that industry to survive.

It’s in this light that Focap has taken upon itself to see to it that the industry is moved from this stage of confusion and streamlined properly using the industry stakeholders who have the expertise and professionalism to man the industry.


Music and Movies today is a multi million dollar Industry and you need the right people to attract the right investment to achieve that million dollar goal and therefore the current state of our Industry needs to be moved from its current state of confusion to a more business state to bring equity to the stakeholders involved.


Watching musicians and Actors begging for support must end and this must begin with the right approach.


FOCAP for the past month have been discussing the future of the industry with industry greats like Bola Ray, Abeku Santana, KOD, Rudy Kwakye and others and they’re confident that in the next few weeks they should be out with a consortium of Gatekeepers that will steer the affairs of this industry.


With these experience hands we can be rest assured of a successful industry in future especially now that these Enablers are in better positions to take on that leadership roles.


Government has a role and the institutions also have their role to play but Creative Arts is strictly Business and we must take it from all these politics of confusion and place it back into the hands of our own Professional stakeholders in order to activate a more meaningful Creative Economy.


The future of the Industry depends on Stakeholders.


(Story: Enock Agyepong)

Source: Beenie Words

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